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Black Powder - Hubbardton 1777

Our slow paced AWI campaign continued once again. This time the fight was small advance guard confrontation up in Vermont. Advance guard of Continentals was sent forward to gather stragglers and protect their retreat from British hands. The engagement was fought by the river. Rebel force was facing truly superior British infantry, light infantry and grenadiers, elite in many ways.

The battlefield was dense forest and only the Monument Hill was barren. Forest gave proper cover but was hindering the movement throughout the fight. Not at all typical Black Powder fight but quite typical during AWI.

Continental troops were deployed mostly on top of the Monument hill and few companies from various regiments were sent to watch over the river and check the crossing of British. British troops marched in led by light infantry. Later they were followed by stout grenadiers. British light infantry advanced quickly by the river  and opened fire on Continental companied from other side of the river. Continentals returned fire and fire fight lasted for a while. More British troops came in the forest by the river. At the same time Continental infantry closed by to fire on British troops preparing to assault across the river.

The fight stalled for some time and troops from both sides of the river concentrated on intensive shootout. The the British general decided to attack. Left flank of British troops assaulted across but strong right wing didn't got commands clear and stayed put. British left flank started close fighting with Continental regiments but wasn't able to mount strong assaults. So brave Continentals repelled many assaults of British grenadiers. At the same time one Continental general was frantically gathering stragglers and ushered them away back to their regiments.

The last phase on the fight was when finally British right wing managed to cross the river. At the same time the Continental general somehow got distracted from the objectives, which was to bring his men safe and kept on futile fight against  overwhelming British troops. The poor stragglers were saved, but the Continental advance force was lost in result. Yes, Crown troops won.
British advance guard march to river.
Strong red line prepares.
Continentals start fire fight which was to last for some time.
More British flags can be seen by the worried Continentals.
Prepare for the assault boys!
British launch the assault but right wing misses the command and stays back.
British grenadiers assault.
Continentals defend the hill quite successfully.
Until they break.
The fight is over and remnants of Continental troops retreat.
Really interesting scenario and good hard fight. British were absolutely elite all the way. But Continentals took advantage from the terrain and were able top put up solid fight. Fun game, truly.

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