sunnuntai 28. syyskuuta 2014

Bolt Action - Heer recon

Some progress with recently purchased Warlord figures. These new Germans are actually Waffen-SS troops from Sturmbatallion Charlemagne, but since I don't have any SS -troops, I painted these as Heer recon squad. I just had to file off some sleeve markings and picked appropriate came theme. I tested with these figs was Autumn themed bases, with some colorful foliage, and I'm pretty happy with the result. These recon troops got also Sdkfz 250/9 recon half track. Along with Heer troopers came some more Fallschirmjägers, some anti-tank punch and fire support.
Sdkfz 250/9 in late war ambush camo.
Heer recon sergeant.
Sniper or dedicated marksman (don't really know whether they had those back in the day?) 
Recon troopers and loads of automatic weapons.
Iconic MG42 firing from hip, off course.
Panzerschrek in the hands of german para. 
Medium MG in position.
Have to say once more, I really like these figures of Warlord, they paint up well and especially metal ones are very nicely done, full of character and good poses. Motivation keeps up nicely, have to get some more...

maanantai 8. syyskuuta 2014

Heat is on

Slow progress with recently acquired TAG cops and street fighters. Just got bunch of the boys in blue painted. These SWAT figures are great, nice animation, very accurate equipment and weapons and very business like poses, I like them very much.

With the cops, some rebels or street fighters got in ready state too. The ski masked AK toting hoodlums are very generic and pass well as robbers or terrorists and such. In terms of gaming, I really don't need any more of these modern fighters, but when can one have enough miniatures, haven't found out yet!

Some seriously armed cops on the street.
And equally well armed criminal types.
Sniper firing behind the wall.
And finally one more WW2 addition, special issue miniatures painted as Heer officer.