torstai 26. helmikuuta 2015

Crescent & Cross - Troops from the past

With this my Crusades heat I've been digging my miniature storage and what discoveries I've made! Just recently found these absolutely lovely old old Citadel miniatures from 1980's. If my memory doesn't fail me I have bought these from local gaming store sale in early 90's, when they were trying to rid of these "old style" Warhammer Bretonnian figures. Well, I did my best to help them. And now I have sizable units of archers and crossbowmen. There is very nice and lively poses on these figures, especially archers. Some of them seem to have been looting. Archers are also nicely irregular bunch.

They have been painted some 25 years ago and the painting is very old style, even for me as old school painter. But hey, I like my figures in Technicolor. And actually this bright coloring is fit for medieval troops. Only thing I did , was give them light wash of earth shade and remade the bases from goblin green to light brown. And now I have units for Deus Vult as well as for SAGA.
Archers in white and blue livery.
Archers look very irregular.
Crossbow troop in colors of Spain.
This will hurt where it lands.
Once again I know they are actually bit too modern to be historically correct for the Crusades, but medieval troops are quite generic and who cares for about hundred years.

keskiviikko 25. helmikuuta 2015

Crescent & Cross - Crusader leaders

Gaming approaches as we are about to start our Crescent & Cross campaign Holy land on the club. The start will actually be a game of Deus Vult. Bigger game involving miniatures from four five players. The continuation of the campaign will be with SAGA rules. And the last fight once again is played by Deus Vult.

So for that I've been painting crusaders for SAGA as well as for the greater fights. Now I have few armies for SAGA and fairly sizable for Deus Vult. This time it was ready my leaders for vanguard division and main Hospitaller force.

I also got ready some Byzantine light cavalry who will join Turcopoles in the big fight. I know not really historical but we need them.

And finally the king himself, Richard I. The king is special issue figure, but I really don't remember the occasion. Anyway it's nice model.
Hospitaller leader.
From other side.
Turcopole leader.
Side view of the gallop.
The there is the king.
Byzantine light cavalry.
Ready for the forthcoming campaign...

torstai 19. helmikuuta 2015

Crescent & Cross - Turcopoles

The focus of painting is drifting a bit from Crusaders to WWII Pacific once and a while. But there will be my first C&C game next week, so I finalized Turcopoles for my Hospitallers.

I painted these quite individually to represent wild and free nature of these horse soldiers. I was trying to find some painting reference for the shields, but it proved to hard task. So I went quite generic oriental designs and crosses, they are Christians after all.

These are Perry miniatures lovely mini's and they paint up well and came out quite nice, though I had to rush a bit. I also got ready some Roman civilians fron Foundry. They shall do as European villagers settled in Palestine.
Turcopoles at full speed.
And forming up.
Some detail.
More detail.
Yet another one.
And the villagers.
I'll be spending next weekend in Hamburg Tactica. Let's see what that bring in...

maanantai 16. helmikuuta 2015

Bolt Action - USMC Sherman

More vehicles for the Marines to support the landing operation in our Bolt Action games. This is just basic Warlords plastic Sherman model. The 50 cal. on top of the turret was so inviting, so I just added a leatherneck on the deck of the tank firing with the gun. Remembering the Band of Brothers episode, where one soldier is standing tall and bravely firing with while 3rd armored tanks were counter attacking German tanks. Another thing I added on the model was set of various marine equipment from US Marines soldiers set. They bring little life and realism to the tank. Actually the tanks were cluttered with all sorts of stowage when you look at the contemporary pictures.

This time I choose one possible camouflage scheme from the many used in the Pacific theatre. This will do also in ETO if need be.

sunnuntai 15. helmikuuta 2015

N&T Jatkosota 15 - Best painted army

During N&T gaming Club's WH40K tournament best painted army was selected among many finely painted armies. Three armies were competing quite evenly for the nomination. There was really beautiful and classical Chaos Demon army and nicely converted Space Wolf army with fine Thunderwolf cavalry.

But in the end of the day the winner was absolutely stunning Edlar army by Aleksi Meuronen. The army had unified look and feel and nice basing. Army contained also Aspect warriors painted classical way, but the most stunning feature of the army was great freehand painting in almost all models. Army was build around three Wraithknights and the army is called three amigos by the big guys.

Wraith knight standing tall on nice basing.
Good view of stunning freehand.
Close up of the face painted on the helmet. Every knight had a face hand painted.
Wave serpents.
Meet the three amigos.
Dire avengers in classical colors.
Fire dragon in reds.
Warp spiders.
Striking scorpions green as they should.
The full army in picture.
Commander af the army.
Freehand of the tank.

Nopat & Taktiikka - Jatkosota 15 WH 40K tournament

Nopat & Taktiikka clubs first annual WH 40K tournament is over. Two days packed with 32 players, finely painted figures and nicely crafted models. Once again I wasn't gaming but was in organizing grew.

Here's some shots of models, tables and the tournament weekend.

First day morning unpacking armies.
Player briefing.
Games starting.
And starting.
Knight stand off.
Nice old school blood angel army.
Death company of the same army.
Bug fight.
Armour of the Guard.
Grey knights and blood angels together.
Taking ground in the centre.
Really beautiful Demon army painted classical way.
Nicely converted Thunderwolf cavalry.
Eldar interceptor.
All bike angels.
Drop pods.
And drop pod forest. 
Marine ground attack graft.