sunnuntai 23. elokuuta 2015

Late War Finns - final batch

Now it's done, my final batch of Late War Finns got ready with one more tank. Now there's full platoon of Finnish jägers and two tanks, one Stug and one captured T-34 repainted and put to good service defending Karelia. With some artillery and AT guns.

I will slowly move into making the thematic gaming/display table for my Finns and Russian to fight. I have some two months time until the table will be presented to public, so there shouldn't be any hurry but you never know.

So final batch of Finns with a tank.

Light infantry "jägers" led by captain.
Gunner firing captured Russian LMG called "Emma" by Finns.
Two medics.
T-34/76 tank by that number took part in the fight of Portinhoikka crossroads.

sunnuntai 16. elokuuta 2015

Bolt Action Gaming Day 2 at the Club

Second Bolt Action gaming day was successfully held in our gaming club yesterday. Some ten gamers gathered together around three different tables to have Bolt Action gaming. On one table there was quite nice special Ramelle scenario designed by my club mate Jaakko. The scenario was themed by the film Saving Private Ryan depicting the last battle in the village Ramelle. More of that and very nice pictures in Jaakko's blog. Second table was Take the bridge -scenario from Warlord campaign book and on third table I was running a quite big Tali-Ihantala game where Finns were defending against huge army of Soviet's. Game size was way over the normal limits and I think Russians had some fifteen to twenty units to use. So basically attacker had "endless" resources. Finns had twelve units in the start of the game. The game went quite smoothly and brave Finns defended successfully until the end of turn seven, when Soviet mass started to turn the fight. And yet it was close call and cray clad defenders still pulled draw of the desperate fight. The scenario was resolved with last throw of the dice, I would call that a good game.

Here's some shots from the day.
Excellent Ramelle table by club mate Jaakko.
Games about to start in the morning.
Commanders thinking hard at the end of the Tali-Ihantala fight. Faith of Finland will be resolved here.
Burning wreck of one T-34 in front of the Finnish bunker line.
Another T-34 running over positions of Finns.
Unit of infantry taking cover.
Soviet tanks brake through! 
Last line of defense readying.
Bunker taken by the attacker.
Soviet infantry passing burning tank.
At the peak of the fight chaos reigns on the field.
Finnish Stug "Sturmi" took a direct hit!
This T-34 is about to get knocked out by two panzerfaust.
The idea if our Bolt Action day is to gather together club mates who play Bolt Action and those who haven't yet tried the game but want to. So it servers also as an introduction for newcomers. A great day altogether.

sunnuntai 9. elokuuta 2015

Bolt Action - Late War Finns more soldiers and "Sturmi"

This summer seems to be quite slow on painting front. Almost a month since last post. I really have shape up here. The reason for this has been obvious, I haven't painted up to speed I normally do. So there has been nothing to show, but now there is.

I have been tinkering my late war Finns for my themed Tali-Ihantala project, which will presented in Suuri Snadi fair on October.  So let me introduce more infantry and some AT support and especially Stug with field modifications Finns did to those tanks after they arrived  from Germany summer 1944.
Infantry squad packing some Fanzerfausts.
And yet another squad.
PAK 40 very usefull AT gun.
View from behind the gun.
Medium mortar.
Sniper and an officer.
Stug III in Finnish camo.
Finnish modifications. Toolbox, additional armor in front (made by concrete and differently located spare wheels.
Side view of the beauty.
Now the Finns are mostly painted and I'll move to painting enemy, the Russians.