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Bolt Action - Take the Hill

Bolt Action after few weeks pause and this time with some serious hardware. This time a big Bolt Action game where both sides had two to three tanks and same amount of infantry squads plus some support elements. Attacking Americans had slightly more resources. But germans had clearly better armor, and on to of all that a scary 88 gun on the hill!

The scenario "Take The Hill" from Battlefield Europe -book. Never before played scenario and interesting one too. Quite classical area defense situation.We put Germans as defenders on the hill that was located spot on the center of the battlefield and US 2nd armored was to take that hill. Germans deployed half of it's force on the hill defending it with 88 how else.

US armored infantry started the attack surprisingly well organized and they brought infantry in half tracks and support weapons with sniper and officer rode jeeps through the woods in coordinated manner. Worried Germans were just listening the rumble of Detroit engines in the forest. US tanks flanked from left since they were afraid the mighty 88 on the hill. US infantry dismounted from their rides and attacked effectively on Germans on the slopes and quickly eliminated the brave defenders. US had reached nice foothold on their target. Only the 88 gun was checking the US tanks and kept them hiding from behind the end of the hill. Everything was looking good for Lt. Murphy.

Then the German tanks rolled in, first Panther and after that panzer IV. And some more infantry was rushing to help their comrades who were currently shot to pieces by massive US infantry fire. Then German tanks turned the tables. One by one US Shermans and tank destroyer were knocked out even US armor got some decent shots to German tanks. They just couldn't hurt well armored adversaries. Now the Germans got the upper hand. Only solace was very accurate mortar which managed to take direct hit on 88 position outright eliminating the crew. But still yanks didn't have anything against the German tanks.

Then once again Americans put some resources in the fight this time in the form of P51 "JaBo", The plane flew in and struck badly on German reserves running to counter attack. They were just wiped out and other Germans were left watching that chattered. One squad of US infantry was bit too close and got enough and ran away from carnage when their morale failed them.

The fight turned to end and remains of US troops, Lt. Murphy accompanied by combat engineers took the hill. They took cover on to of the hill and frustrated German tanks were left rolling around and maybe leaving soon in fear of more "JaBO's". The fight ended marginal US victory or to be precise a draw.
A hill protected by German 88.
And surrounded by dense woods.
Mighty 88 supported by grenadiers.
US 2nd armored rolling in.
German big cat enters.
88 grew busy acquiring targets.
US air observer trying to find LOS from the cover of some ruins.
US troops attacking the hill.
US tanks hiding from 88 but surprised by panzer IV.
Vehicles of 2nd armored, everyone came by car.
German Fallschirmjägers hurrying to aid their comrades.
US tank destroyer taking a hit on Panther, with no effect. Another Sherman already on fire.
88 knocked out by miraculously accurate US mortar.
Tank stand off Sherman vs. Panzer IV.
US attack on it's peak, but there is that Panther. 
Objective reached and soon secured.
End of Sherman.
Combat engineers and Lt. Murphy holding the hill.
What a carnage! Both sides lost over a half of the strength. US lost all tanks and Germans lost all infantry. But it was great fun. We had clearly larger game than normal "list" approach would allow. This was actually more of a Tank War game. I really like these big games where we don't calculate any point, just throw in appropriate amount of troops and tanks and have a ball.

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