maanantai 21. maaliskuuta 2016

Bolt Action - My DAK part one complete

The second phase of my Bolt Action North-Africa project got just ready. First phase was painting some Desert Rats and tanks along with LRDG units.

This second part was Deutche Afrika Korps, to have both sides of the conflict. Or two sides, to be precise. Most of the figures are from wonderful Perry plastics box with some Foundry early war Germans. All vehicles are from Warlord range.

Somehow I found painting these desert units quite pleasing. MAybe it's the browns you can use.

Here's some pictures of my new collection. Not the best quality of pictures, sorry.
Very basic tank of DAK army, Panzer III.
Staff car is a must. This is Tamiya model.
Funny looking Grupp Protze.
And command unit in a Kubelwagen. The officer is so on top of everything.
Foundry Germans painted for Africa.
Some Ramcke troops. 
DAK troopers.
More DAK.
MG 34 in scenic base.
Then one for the British. Absolutely lovely LRDG Chevrolet. I will get few more of these.

Next phase will see more tanks and vehicles for Germans and most definately some LRDG Chevy's.

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  1. Look fantastic Juha. I too am working on some LRDG.

    1. Thank's ! Interesting, would be nice to see your versions. But LRDG models are just so tempting, I couldn't resist.