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Force on Force - Fatal error

After a short break Kharum got active once again. This time incident was a group of American geologists ending up in distress which launched US Marine rescue operation. Scenario was one from "The Day of the Ranger" book, where food delivery point gets under attack by gunmen. They were protected by US troops arriving with choppers and fast roping to the scene. I just changed roles.

The story started when a group of US geologists got threatened by group of local gunmen who wanted to rob poor scientists. Gunmen never knew that these seemingly harmless scientist were carrying very important samples in their truck. So, to be safe scientists picked their satellite phone up and called Uncle Sam, which promptly sent some Marines to rescue from near by carrier. The samples were to be taken back home.

At start three civilians were surrounded by by angry gunmen and they were hunkering under their red truck. Just when the gunmen were to apprehend scientist two choppers entered the scene. First chopper flew in and team of Marines fast roped down near the scientists. During insertion phase Blackhawk was clipped by two RPG rockets and it went smoking down. But managed to make autorotation landing. Marines formed perimeter and gunmen just moved closer to reach scientists. Second chopper flew in and got no ground fire, so second team of Marines were able to form perimeter in very good position. All Marine teams went to overwatch.

Gunmen moved for the hit and the firefight broke out. With almost surgical effectiveness Marines gunned down gunmen effectively eliminating them group  by group. It was like Hollywood movie since always when gunmen tried hostile action they were shot down. This went on and when sniper team which has been aboard downed Blackhawk joined the fight gunmen really had no chance. Only mishap was when team of Marines exploded hidden IED and two Marines were wounded. When situation was as it was gunmen withdraw from the fight. Marines did won, but US gov. has lot to explain about the downed chopper and what they were doing in Kharum.

First chopper enter and troops are fast roping down.
Second chopper arrives.
Marines forming a perimeter surrounded by hostile gunmen.
Blackhawk down, but gently enough on top of the roof.
Hold on you'll be rescued!
Marine leader instructing one geologist to follow another is saving the samples.
Truck of the scientist Marines covering by the wall. 
IED explosion!

Nice game and it was so surprising how almost everything went for the Marines. Truly a schoolbook example of rapid rescue mission, even one bird went on the deck. Only two Marines wounded, nothing else.

Now US presence in Kharum is clear. Let's see where that leads...

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