keskiviikko 29. huhtikuuta 2015

Bolt Action - Take the Bridge part 2

Our Blitzkrieg rumbles on as we continued our fight over the bridge in France. Last week we started this game and it ended in French victory, and attacking Germans weren't able to push over the bridge to take it. French on the other had were'n able to push Germans back from the other end of the brigde. So we decided to have another fight over the very same bridge. The table lay out was also the same.

Second part of the fight was about German second wave which was following the first. These troops had new orders to cross the bridge and eliminated French defenders to secure the crossing. French still had very same objective to defend the bridge and prevent Germans to have it in order to delay invasion.

Both had two infantry units in vicinity of the objective and French had also Renault tank parked near
by ready to engage invaders. All troops starting on the table were allowed to be relocated and hidden. Germans had brought their panzers up and they were joining the fight along with some more infantry. One German squad of engineers were left to outflank, because they had managed to cross the river further away upstream. Germans had also one preliminary barrage of smoke, which was positioned in strategic point of at the end of the bridge on French side. So this was the initial set up for second wave to have a try.

Fight started with intense French fire which almost annihilated one of the German squads by the river. It started to look like last time where everything went for the French. But then German tank rolled in and more German infantry started to appear and they really were hitting what they were aiming. French Renault tank was hit twice and put out of action and massive fire on one French squad rendered it motionless. German tank was quite boldly rolling over the bridge and infantry followed in the cover of the smokescreen which was stubbornly floating over a same spot during the fight. Things were going like in tactical field manual for Germans. Towards the end of the fight fast attack of German tank followed by infantry firing quite accurately turned the initiative to attacker. Then French lost the only weapon to hurt tank, 75mm howitzer and panzer II was rolling past last French defender fight was over. Germans managed to cross the bridge and remaining defenders surrendered. This time the day went for the Germans. River crossing was secured for invasion force to follow.
Smoke barrage hits the French end of the bridge.
French troops are in fine positions on both sides of the bridge.
Hedgerow gives nice cover but only soft.
Battered Germans are recovering from the last fight.
French Renault tank appearing from the smoke engages the enemy by the river.
Germans push over one more time....
...this time led by the panzer II.
Senegalese warriors move in.
French howitzer unlimbers in firing position.
Renault is hit twice and finally knocked out.
German tank rolls out from smokescreen and surprises Senegalese.
Assault engineers following tank close by ready avenge their fallen comrades.
Adler armored car joins the fray.
Even more French are piling in to prevent Germans crossing.
Panzer II is breaking through French lines.
Hard close range fighting for the bridgehead.
Another squad of assault engineers flanking French positions.
End of the fight, Germans are over and remaining French surrender.
We had no idea to have this as a two part narrative when we started last week. But the first game was just asking to be continued so we did. We just decided some special features which we felt good, like the smoke and outflanking unit. And what a nice and dramatic story it turned where brave French defenders repelled German attack at firts. But determined Germans brought in some tanks and pushed through in real blitzkrieg fashion.

Lady luck was smiling for the French in first fight and definitely for the Germans in the second, or was it tank that did it. Because I wasn't expecting to cross the bridge so fast. Very good and entertaining game where both players had their moments. Really the way to do Bolt Action and at the same time live through nice story. Good point to continue for the next fight...

maanantai 27. huhtikuuta 2015

WH 40K - Storm of Vengeance with style!

When you do 40K you should do in style and feeling. 
Late last year we had great weekend campaign of WH 40K with War Head crew. Here's the AAR from the last deciding fight of the campaign from War Head blog. 
We revitalized age old Storm of Vengeance campaign from nineties into modern age and fitted it into recent 40K rules. The fight was two day mini campaign with five escalating battles altogether.  I did small feature of it previously and this can be found in the post Through the Storm of Vengeance. The whole campaign was one of the best gaming experiences of last year. Starting from a weekend of building themed terrain and preparing some new fluffy units for the games. War Head main man Teemu adapted the old campaign rules into 7th ed. 40K rules. Should do more of this in the future.

sunnuntai 26. huhtikuuta 2015

Bolt Action - 2nd Armored "Hell on Wheels"

Around a month ago I started new Bolt Action project for gaming weekend on May. We are going to have a weekend of Bolt Action gaming with few of my friends. They are fairly new to the game, so I promised to run some scenarios for them and introduce the game to them as needed along gaming. Some BBQ and beers and a good cigars will be included to complete the nice weekend.

For that weekend I decided to launch long hatched plan to build ETO US army. So I went for armored infantry to accompany my mighty Shermans and to played in Tank War scenarios as well in as normal BA games. Now first batch of painting is complete. Two squads of infantry, platoon command, medic, sniper and bazooka team as well as FO/FAO. With them there is three M3 half tracks for them to ride. My plan is to keep all units mobile, so I will need few more half tracks and some other sets of wheels. The plan is not ye complete, but I'm contemplating between Greyhound and White Scout Car.

I'm not sure if there is any division decals available and there's no need since I decided to freehand 2nd armored division triangle badge for these guys. These soldiers wear 1944 standard gear, Parsons jacket, brown wool trousers and canvas webbing. Here are first platoon missing one squad which I will do later.
Lt. and staff sergeants with other HQ units.
FO/FAO and medic.
Sniper team and Bazooka team.
Squad one with autumn themed bases.
Close up of painted division markings.
Squad two in full strength of twelve men.
Rides for the boys M3 half tracks.
Close up of one half track.
Platoon ready for action in Normandy.
I also added some reinforcements for my British troops. Now stalwart commandos boost to the lines of "limeys". I gave these commandos Garand rifles just to add some specialty to these specialists. And it's actually OK since some commando units used american rifles during some operations.

One with famous Fairburn dagger.
Firing with new Garand rifles.
As I have said numerous times before, these are real joy to paint. I have lot of ideas how to go on with these 2nd armored units and as normal quite soon I have way more models than I would actually need for a game, but who cares.

Next units to be added will be 30 cal. MMG team, orderly for the medic, company commander with Jeep, none more Sherman 75 mm and squad of combat engineers. So this will keep me occupied for some time. 

I just remembered one funny thing. It was about a year ago when I went for the Bolt Action game. It started with one batch of German Fallshirmjägers I bought from local games store sale. Since then the speed hasn't slowed at all... stay tuned...

keskiviikko 22. huhtikuuta 2015

Bolt Action - Take the Bridge

The Blitzkrieg games we started last week continued with one more fight. In the fight Germans were trying to take hold of a bridge to secure crossing for their advancing troops. On the opposite side French were defending the bridge and their homeland. Scenario was "Take the bridge" from Battleground Europe campaign book.

Initial situation of the fight saw small French troop  guarding the bridge and the village by it. Germans started the assault with Sturmpionier and supporting Heer infantry. French still had their reserves including a tank still to come. Germans started advance but French were quick to react and got their troops in quite nice position on the German left and around the bridge as well as in house near the bridge. Germans were forced to advance and while they were doing so French started pouring fire on them. This caused casualties steadily and it also slowed advance down. At the same time French sent a squad of ferocious Senegalese tirailleurs to attack over the bridge, they were trying to get German end of the bridge too. German firepower prevented that and brave men from Africa were down soon. Towards the end fight stalled into a firefight since French were in good defensive positions that Germans weren't really able to keep attacking any more. So the fight ended in stalemate and draw with opposite sides facing each other across the river. The fight for the bridge would continue next time...

Some AAR shots from the fight.
Starting positions, French on the left.
A peaceful riverside village.
French light howitzer guarding the bridge.
In the early phase of the fight Senegalese troops rush for the bridge.
And Renault tank is covering them.
German assault engineers advance to take a bridgehead.
Other squad is moving into village to cover engineers.
French reached good position on the riverbank...
...and Senegales are rushing over the bridge.
Only to be gunned down by German engineers.
Troops closing the objective on both side.
French officer urges men to engage.
Fight is stalling into a firefight over the river.
French strong defensive line.
This is the furthest Germans ever go on day one.
The other side is strongly in on French hands.
Nice and tight fight. This time I didn't made any fatal tactical mistakes got other side of the bridge, but weren't able to go across. That would have been more or less suicide. So next fight will go on from this situation...

While we were having our early war fight, there was another late war Tank War fight on next table. More of that from my friends blog, Napoleon complex gaming.

Nice again good and relaxed game in friendly atmosphere, what else would want from good miniature game.