torstai 28. toukokuuta 2015

Black Powder - First Polotsk 1812

Our long Napoleonic 1812 campaign continued with the battle of First Polotsk. The battle was in northern front and fight was about preventing French army to break through towards St.Petersburg.

Nice game with quite sizable armies on each side. Historically in this fight French army was way larger, but it was split in two by the Dvina river. So actually Russian were more numerous and they were also attacking since their leader General Wittgenstein decided to take advantage of split force situation of the French.

A friend and fellow gamer published good account of the fight in his blog, Napoleon Complex Gaming, so you can read it there.

Here's some shots from the battle.
Bavarian, Poles and Spanish troops march on through the village of Polotsk.
Swiss troops on French side readying for the fight.
Fierce fight on the village of Spas.
Russian force advances.
Russian cuirassiers meet Swiss line.

sunnuntai 24. toukokuuta 2015

Bolt Action - Jackson and more wheels

Not much to do anymore for my 2nd armored project as I just got some more wheels ready. Since they are armored division they should be fully mobile force. And actually in Tank War games you should have all your grunts mobile, and now they are.

So One more M3 half track and two jeeps are latest arrivals.  And probably the most important addition is B36 Jackson tank destroyer. It's the version based on Sherman chassis and bolstering 90 mm AT gun, which is the most effective AT gun US introduced during the WWII. So watch out Tigers.

M36 Jackson tank destroyer. Very nice model by the way.
Half track for the engineers.
And more jeeps, one for FAO and one for command team.

There is still one more Sherman in mail coming and then this project is complete. When that is done, I'll feature full armored platoon with support elements in my blog.

Them my effort will focus on North Africa and desert war...

maanantai 18. toukokuuta 2015

Bolt Action - Training Days

Last weekend we gathered together with some old friends in far east of Finland very near Russian border. We were to have some Bolt Action gaming, BBQ and appropriate refreshments.

Other guys were new to Bolt so I was more or less introducing my friends to the fine game. During the weekend we had some four games and after few preliminaries the actual game was a scenario I have had written for Bolt. It's about Germans defending small town against Allied armored troops who were trying to push through. This was done in two parts to have more gaming done.

Germans were victorious as they normally are in this scenario, maybe I should adjust it a bit. But the whole point was to introduce my friends to game so we tried to have as many elements of the game as possible.

This was also first field outing for my 2nd armored and here's some shots of the action.
US armored rumbles on to fight.
Square of the yet so peaceful village.
Until the fight starts with flaming Sherman.
And flaming hal track.
Americans take cover of the field after losing their ride.
German troops advance.
Savior of the boys on the ground.
Light tank surprises Germans at square.
And get's surprised itself.
US armored infantry fights on.

Bolt Action was very much liked because it is easy to learn, very intuitive and it has good period flavor. Also the game flow was appreciated by the gentlemen. And the models are just so nice and inspiring. So I believe two more Bolt Action gamers were brought to to scene.

Very relaxing weekend with good friends and two whole days of gaming immersion. Good food and just right amount of refreshments. Should do it again soon...

torstai 14. toukokuuta 2015

Bolt Action - 17th Armored Engineers and more

My project with 2nd Armored is about there and I just got final element of infantry and few other troopers ready. Last unit to join the ranks is 17th Armored Engineers which was integral part of 2nd Armored division.  I painted them distinctive red battalion insignia but I think they were actually wearing divisional badge. But the red one makes easier to separate them from normal grunts on the table.

With eight bridging and demolition experts came additional troopers to fill in as runners for company commander and medic team. I also added one more bazooka team and generic spotter for any indirect fire weapon, mainly for 82mm mortar.
Squad of 17th armored engineers.
Company sergeant and runner for company commander.
Additional soldiers to round up existing units.
Bazooka team two.

Now I'm still waiting more wheels to make all troopers mobile, so next ones will be M3 half track and some jeeps.

Still more yanks to come....

sunnuntai 3. toukokuuta 2015

Bolt Action - 2nd Armored HQ and support

2nd Armored project proceeds towards first milestone which is well reinforced platoon of three to four infantry squads and normal HQ as well as support elements. Now most of that is ready and I'm missing one more M3 half track and one more jeep and few 30 cal. MMG's but since US can field quite many of them so will I.

And what is armored division without tanks, so one more ubiquitous Shermans got ready for the line.

So here's latest additions for 2nd armored.
Company commander with his personal ride with FAO and medic.
Close up of 9th Air Force badge on FAO, freehand practice.
First of three 30 cal. teams.
82 mm Mortar.
And one more Sherman, if there is Tigers around you do need many of these.
So one more batch to be added and this project is at its first completion if they ever end. But anyway them there will be more than enough armored and well motorized US infantry to used in Bolt Action games, even in Tank War games.

But I still need some tanks though...