sunnuntai 27. heinäkuuta 2014

Ropecon 2014 - Mission Completed

Ropecon is one of the largest gaming conventions in  Nordics. It covers role playing, live role playing, board gaming, card gaming and of course miniature gaming. This year part of War Head stand was FonF demo, which I did with my fellow gaming club friend. This was now third year in a row when we have been demonstrating Ambush Alleys Force on Force game in Ropecon. This year we had Vietnam theme and the game was using some of the Ambush Valley Vietnam book's special rules to give some period flavor. The scenario was about SEAL team capturing a political leader from riverside village. After the capture SEAL's were waiting in the village for Swift Boat pickup from the pier. To secure extraction, two fire teams of US Marines were covering the pier. At the same time the jungle was crawling VC and later on NVA troops, and they were approaching fast, so things were about to go wrong in some stage of the mission. I did the scenario myself and it worked well, it was difficult enough for the US troops, but still doable with good tactics, so it gave a good game. Quick six turn game, with proper amount of pressure for both players.

During Saturday and Sunday we did some ten demo games, which meant that almost all we could do, was stand by the table and run the games on a row. So some twenty to thirty people were introduced to the game, not bad. Off course we promoted our gaming club too, so it was for the game and for the club equally. But after two days of standing and talking, my legs are wasted and my throat hurts. And still Ropecon is THE event of gaming, so it's nice to be there doing something fun.

Here's some pictures of the table and some shots of games on the go.
The table featured village by the Mekong river in Rung Sat special zone.
Still in peaceful lull.
The game featured also PCF 9, which was to pick up SEAL's and POI.
Intense game on the way, notice the helmet on NVA player.
A girl with interesting pet tried also the game.
More gaming.
The table was real eye candy, with the village, US firebase, the temple, rice paddies and the pier and off course the strip of river. Here's some action shots amidst the fight.
The Marines have set up ad hoc firebase by the village.
Sappers sneaking in...
Marine fire team in the village with some local civilians.
VC crossing a hill.
VC and NVA troopers have joined forces.
NVA squad bursting out of the jungle.
Navy SEAL securing POI.
Gunship joins the fight giving well needed support for the brother on the ground.
Hard and at the same time really fine weekend is behind. Games, meeting friends, buying some miniatures and having few beers after demo games, what can miniature games ask for more! I'm wasted but happy!

More nice pictures of our demo from Mika's blog.

Let's see what we device for the next year... see you at Ropecon 2015!

maanantai 21. heinäkuuta 2014

Force on Force - Operation River Dragon at Ropecon 2014

Preparation for Ropecon 2014 continued as we set the scene for our Force on Force demo game. We gathered scenery and did some planning for forthcoming game. After setting the table up I was really astonished it will be eye candy! Scenery has been prepared gradually during years by fellow club member and its really worth seeing.

The game will be set on Rung Sat Special Zone, where Marines and Navy are running joint operation against guerillas, somewhere up the river. Navy SEAL operators have just captured local person in order to transport him by boat back to US base for questioning. While SEALs approach rendevouz point on the riverbank US Marines have set a defensive perimeter to provide security. But VC and NVA don't want the person to go and they are approaching...

So the scene is set and basic scenario has been devised, come to see will you be able get the suspect in the boat!

Here's some more of the same, fellow club member Mika's blog. The man who has made the scenery!

We will be at Ropecon 2014 Sat. 1000 - 1800 hrs and Sun. 1000 - 1400 hrs.

Here's some teaser pictures of the table.
Rendevouz at riverbank.
Same from other side.
This will be the ride home.
Innocent villagers, or are they?
Maybe even some air assets...

Force on Force - Vietnam Demo Game at Ropecon 2014

This has been coming now for some time, this change of language in my Blog. In the future the articles will concentrate more on painting and modeling and most game AAR's will published in my other blog Council Courier. That will remain Finnish. I'm not that confident English writer, so at start these stories may be bit shorter. Let's see how this works.

Anyway to the point now. We have been presenting Force on Force game in various occasions after it was first published by Ambush Alley Games. I bought mine from Salute 2012 and after that I'v bee playing it a lot and also presenting it in many occasions. In Ropecon we have been previously doing demo twice, and this will be third time in continuum, so it's becoming kind of tradition.

Every year we have had different theme and accordingly themed tabletop and this year it will be Vietnam and more specifically the Riverine warfare. Our game is set on riverbank where US Marines and Navy will be run series of operations to against Vietgong and NVA troops. First time ever, we will have warship on the table! We will also have choppers, snipers and rubber boats and maybe some wild animals too...

The venue is Ropecon 2014

The Demo games will run Saturday and Sunday from 1000 - 1600 hrs.

Once again we will be doing this jointly with War Head grew. So if you find War Head, you find this too!

See you at Ropecon!

tiistai 1. heinäkuuta 2014

Force on Force - PLA Marines viimeinen erä ja projekti valmis!

Kolmas ja samalla viimeinen erä Empressin PLA miniatyyrejä valmistui juuri. Nyt maaliessa on vajaa joukkue PLAN merijalkaväkeä upeissa, mutta samalla erikoisissa 07 Blue camoissa.

Viimeinen maalauserä piti sisällään komentoelementin ja tukiaseita, heittimen, ohjuslauksimen ja pari sinkoryhmää ja muita "specialisteja".

Mielenkiintoinen maalauskokeilu tämän erikoisen maastokuosin kanssa. En oikein ole vieläkään varma pidänkö siitä, mutta yhdenmukainen joukko tästä kyllä tuli, ja ihan näyttävä - vaikka itse sanonkin. Nyt on aika siirtyä takaisin 15mm maalilmaan ja aloittaa täydennysmaalausprojekti tulossa olevaan Wagramin taisteluun.
Ryhmäkuvaa joukoista.
Lääkintänainen, radisti, tarkka-ampuja ja upseeri hölkkäämässä.
100mm heitin.
HJ-8 (Red Arrow) ohjuslaukaisin.
FP-98 (Queen Bee) PST laukaisin.
Koko joukkue ryhmäkuvassa erikoisjoukkojen kanssa.
Noin kahden viikon maalausprojektin tuloksena kolmekymmentä+ figua, ei hullumpi tuotanto.

Kaverit jäävät nyt odottelemeen edessä olevia Force on Force taisteluita, joita on odotettavissa kesäkauden jälkeen Noppakerholla.