keskiviikko 5. lokakuuta 2016

Bolt Action - Demolition

First game of Bolt Action with new V2 rules. And Bolt Action game after some time. And it was like coming home. New rules are very much the same old BA, but with some nice additions which make the game even more fun.

The actual game was a scenario Demolition from the new rulebook. In which both sides have the same mission to destroy enemy depot or something. Not very interesting, but worked well as a test bench for new ruleset. In the future I'd prefer attacker - defender scenarios with good background story.

The actual fight started with British commandos forming up to make two pronged attack on German ammo dump. Germans formed up on their left a flank to advance to Allied fuel supply dump through bombed out village ruins. Both supply spots were left quite lightly guarded, British opened the fight by Arty FO calling in fire mission. On the opposite side German lieutenant ordered two infantry squads to move forward and then followed them.  Then artillery struck but missed the mark and shells dropped quite near commando unit and they got well pinned. Germans on the left flank moved forward but came under fire from British machine guns and mortars. Intense fire fight erupted around the village ruins, but casualties were still low. Then Cromwell tank rolled in and gunned down some more Fallshirmjägers. And then to finnish the job, German squad on far left was assaulted by tough commandos and got killed outright. Germans brought in their reserves and fortified their supply depot by infantry squad which made fire base behind cemetery walls. They were supported by Stug 42, so there was no way that Commandos were ever able to destroy depot. When German advance stalled on left flank and situation turned in senseless fire fight, which only caused casualties without results, bith officers ordered withdrawal and fight ended up a draw.

And then the main thing, nice pictures from the fight.
Bombed out village on Belgian border.
Commandos start advancing across the field.
Fallschimrjägers advance through the forest.
Cromwell rumbles in.
Commandos regrouping after successful close quarters.
Commando officer changing tactics in the cover of ruined house.
Fallschirmjägers advance through the cemetery.
Fearsome MG42 in ambush position.
Germans on left flank just before they decided to start withdrawing.
Commandos behind the ruined walls quite hesitant. 
Officer ordering covering fire.
Cromwell moving in to challenge Stug.
Germans in good position.
"Let's go boys. to fight another day"
German sniper observing the situation to unravel.
As I mentioned before, good old Bolt with new spices, which make it even tastier. Nothing is missing but many new features have been brought in. Good upgrade! And off course nice game if not the best scenario.

keskiviikko 7. syyskuuta 2016

Black Powder - Hubbardton 1777

Our slow paced AWI campaign continued once again. This time the fight was small advance guard confrontation up in Vermont. Advance guard of Continentals was sent forward to gather stragglers and protect their retreat from British hands. The engagement was fought by the river. Rebel force was facing truly superior British infantry, light infantry and grenadiers, elite in many ways.

The battlefield was dense forest and only the Monument Hill was barren. Forest gave proper cover but was hindering the movement throughout the fight. Not at all typical Black Powder fight but quite typical during AWI.

Continental troops were deployed mostly on top of the Monument hill and few companies from various regiments were sent to watch over the river and check the crossing of British. British troops marched in led by light infantry. Later they were followed by stout grenadiers. British light infantry advanced quickly by the river  and opened fire on Continental companied from other side of the river. Continentals returned fire and fire fight lasted for a while. More British troops came in the forest by the river. At the same time Continental infantry closed by to fire on British troops preparing to assault across the river.

The fight stalled for some time and troops from both sides of the river concentrated on intensive shootout. The the British general decided to attack. Left flank of British troops assaulted across but strong right wing didn't got commands clear and stayed put. British left flank started close fighting with Continental regiments but wasn't able to mount strong assaults. So brave Continentals repelled many assaults of British grenadiers. At the same time one Continental general was frantically gathering stragglers and ushered them away back to their regiments.

The last phase on the fight was when finally British right wing managed to cross the river. At the same time the Continental general somehow got distracted from the objectives, which was to bring his men safe and kept on futile fight against  overwhelming British troops. The poor stragglers were saved, but the Continental advance force was lost in result. Yes, Crown troops won.
British advance guard march to river.
Strong red line prepares.
Continentals start fire fight which was to last for some time.
More British flags can be seen by the worried Continentals.
Prepare for the assault boys!
British launch the assault but right wing misses the command and stays back.
British grenadiers assault.
Continentals defend the hill quite successfully.
Until they break.
The fight is over and remnants of Continental troops retreat.
Really interesting scenario and good hard fight. British were absolutely elite all the way. But Continentals took advantage from the terrain and were able top put up solid fight. Fun game, truly.

torstai 18. elokuuta 2016

Black Powder - Shatterton's Hill 1776

Third game of out gradually advancing series of AWI games. This time the fight was "Chatterton's Hill" from the "Rebellion" campaign book. This was another fight where British troops were attacking the flank of Continental army. To oppose that Continental army was hastily ordered to form a defense on Chatterton's Hill. Fairly large hill by the Bronx river. Good high ground looking over the river with reasonable lines of fire. For the attacker situation was somewhat difficult, since reaching Continentals meant crossing the river. And crossing was to be done either over a bridge or a ford. Crossing elsewhere would need some swimming actions. Stout British forces were accompanied by solid Hessian professional, aggressive and capable army for the attack. Continentals were somewhat mixed bag. One part was decent continental line and another part militia or levy, which wasn't that reliable under fire.

This was the starting situation where the commander of the crown forces general von Heister started his attack. British-Hessian army approached the river in three columns. They had also delpoyed fairly large battery of cannons on small hill to provide long range fire support.The Continentals had two brigades both commanded on the hill. The militia was at front and Continental line as a reserve.
Since continental army have had some time, they had managed to set up nice firing lines just on the crest of the hill, where they waited muskets loaded and powder horns at hand for the inevitable.
British troops advanced rapidly cross light wood and vegetation and soon all crown troops reached the riverbank and opened musket fire. This was joined the battery on the Wolf Pit hill. The musket fire caused some casualties but the cannonade wasn't that effective. Maybe due the long range they had to fire.

Continental reply for the fire was surprisingly quite effective and caused considerable casualties and disorder. The Americans sure knew how to shoot.
There was a moment in the fight when both armies stood their ground and tried to break on another with muskets and cannons. But this was playing for the Americans since they were decent shots and they were able to bring large number of muskets to bear from their high ground.
At this point general von Heister adopted aggressive tactic and ordered Hessians to attack across the ford and one british column across the bridge. Very sensible tactics with good and solid infantry.
Hessians rushed over the ford taking fire and front units managed to reach continental militia. But crossing the ford was so slow that front unit was attacking alone and was beaten back by three battalions of levy.
When the crown army started crossing the river continental militia was pouring lead on Hessian crossing the ford and continental flank did the same on British crossing the bridge.
 British and Hessian attacked over the river in many places and got some local victories. But continental reserves plucked the caps and even more muskets fired on the crown troop fording across the river.
One by one crown battalions were depleted and were forced to retire field. Watching more and more troops withdrawing general von Heister sounded retreat and left the field in good order. Continental flank was secured and the hill was still in at American hands. After a good fight, this was American day.
Nice game once again. Both sides put up a good fight and there was a lot that happened on the table during the game. The game was played in good humor and gentlemanly, as thsi game should be played. Enjoyable time.

sunnuntai 24. heinäkuuta 2016

Bolt Action - The Forest Incident

Back to Bolt Action, when we continued our slow paced Fall Rot campaign with a club mate. Lat time we had fight over German plans in a bombed out city. Now French troops arranged true surprise for advancing germans in quite dense forest area. Maybe they made use of the plans captured last time. Before the game we agreed that we will have a game in wooded area where no tanks or other vehicles could operate. Only portable weapons were allowed with artillery and mortars, off course. The scenario was straightforward attrition from the rulebook with no frills.

The encounter started by both forces entering the table squad by squad trying to find as good position as possible in terms of cover and good advance paths through the thick vegetation. Main force of Germans went their right and only one squad was sent to find flanking position on left flank. The wily French mirrored German moves as they knew where their grey clad enemies would advance. After initial moves both troops advanced cautiously through the forest trying to find possible enemy ahead. The German flanking force got contact first and they started exchange on shots with French squad. And then the first disaster hit poor Germans. French mortar team spotted the enemy and hit it with fist shot, like sniper. Some Germans MMG team was practically annihilated. Then the same faith met the covering infantry who fell murdering fire from French guns. The same scene was repeated on right flank too when first advancing German squad was hit by the another French mortar. The unlucky squad got pinned in choke point which blocked the safe route from other German squads. Then rest of the fight saw accurate mortar fire and equally accurate small arms fire from French troops. Germans weren't able to bring same firepower on French since their artillery was delayed all the fight and squads had to join the fight piecemeal. Result of this incident was almost annihilated German platoon and humiliating defeat as a price.
The battlefield before the fight.
French sniper ready in position.
Germans advance and all is looking still good.
Right flank meets and firing starts.
Mortar is just hit the point squad and FO is calling for supporting fire for the Germans.
French officer set a firing line in forest line.
German MMG takes aim, just before it's hit by the mortar.
German left flank gets shots badly.
French keep firing accurate fire on disorganized Germans.
The heroes of this fight French footsloggers.
Germans prepare to withdraw from intense fire.
German FO is still trying to call fire while watching infantry withdrawing. 
Last surviving squad of Germans disengage quickly to fight another day.
Nice fight in interesting scenery. And nice continuation for our campaign. This time Germans were badly beaten, the plans stolen by the French resistance were truly put in use this time.