maanantai 21. maaliskuuta 2016

Bolt Action - My DAK part one complete

The second phase of my Bolt Action North-Africa project got just ready. First phase was painting some Desert Rats and tanks along with LRDG units.

This second part was Deutche Afrika Korps, to have both sides of the conflict. Or two sides, to be precise. Most of the figures are from wonderful Perry plastics box with some Foundry early war Germans. All vehicles are from Warlord range.

Somehow I found painting these desert units quite pleasing. MAybe it's the browns you can use.

Here's some pictures of my new collection. Not the best quality of pictures, sorry.
Very basic tank of DAK army, Panzer III.
Staff car is a must. This is Tamiya model.
Funny looking Grupp Protze.
And command unit in a Kubelwagen. The officer is so on top of everything.
Foundry Germans painted for Africa.
Some Ramcke troops. 
DAK troopers.
More DAK.
MG 34 in scenic base.
Then one for the British. Absolutely lovely LRDG Chevrolet. I will get few more of these.

Next phase will see more tanks and vehicles for Germans and most definately some LRDG Chevy's.

keskiviikko 16. maaliskuuta 2016

Bolt Action - Secret plans (Fall Rot)

Bolt Action at the Club once again. This time we went back to early war fights French against motorized Germans. I picked Top Secret scenario from the BA rulebook and brought in dramatic element of espionage. German staff car carrying German advance plans and orders of operation "Fall Rot"  had been ambushed by french (or british) agents in the centre of small town. Now the agents were laying low waiting for French military to pick the secret documents. Germans however had been notified this and were rushing to intercept. So there would be interesting meeting in the centre of small French village.

At the start of the fight motorized German column was speeding ahead led by recon unit of motorcycles and armored car. They were closely followed by infantry in trucks. French weren't that much motorized and most of the French were marching at the double along roadside. So Germans reached more quickly the edge of the village. And when recon team riding on motorcycles spotted the objective they immediately dismounted and prepared to fight. All other Germans reached the village also and German armored car drove to the point to have a look on the road where French were to be expected. So situation was looking good for the Germans.

But the Germans were surprised by few simultaneous incidents. First French agents opened fire to
advancing German truck from their hiding place. The very same place where they had ambushed German staff car. And almost at the same time French AT rifle got nice hit on German armored car setting aflame. Right after that French ended their very rapid move by closing in and opening murderous fire on German advance squads. When this was supported by Senegalese troops germans lost their initiative for a while. By the cover of this confusion French managed to snatch the plans from the staff car. Only to be attacked German troopers, which in turn were attacked by blood thirsty Senegalese. Then French agents took hold on the plans and total mayhem broke around the staff car in the centre of the village. There was very intense close range firing and close combat. Finally French squad was running away from the scene holding the plans. Germans tried by all means to stop withdrawing French, they even chased them by tank, but this was use. The plans left the table and are now in French hands. One could say, these plans cost many lives Lets hope they will be well used.

Some AAR pictures from the intense fight.
The village from German side.
And from French side.
French footsloggers march on.
The staff car containing the plans.
German advance troop speeds on.
At the same time French approach.
French are covered by Renault tank.
Germans in the centre of the village.
Then armored car gets hit.
And French infantry attacks.
And French agents attack.
Germans in temporary confusion.
Senegalese prepare to let blood.
Germans in end chase but French are too far away.
French infantry covering their comrades withdrawal. 
Tanks passing by, both have other targets.
Germans officer tries to motivate badly mauled troopers.
French and the plans are leaving the table.
Germans boldly ignoring Renault.
Hard fight where the situation stayed very unsettled until few last turns so both had chance for victory quite near the end. This time French were luckier and better. The day was French. 
Nice and intense fight and good game.

sunnuntai 13. maaliskuuta 2016

Bolt Action - Tali - Ihantala

Yesterday we had a Bolt Action gaming day at the Club. Once again there were four themed Bolt Action tables with all terrain, models and game master present. The idea of these days is to have days full of Bolt Action gaming, introduce the game to new people and to meet like minded gamers. As final part of my long Tali-Ihantala project I designed custom scenario for my theme table of Portinhoikka. The table has been featured various times on the web and so far it has been used for display purposes  only. Now I had change to use the table for real and also run very special game of summer -44 battles on Karelian Isthmus. The game was quite long haul initially having some ten plus turns. Actually they weren't needed but could have been. The scenario was based on real events on Portinhoikka crossroads where Finnish armored division counter attacked Soviet tanks and infantry and stopped Russian rush deep into South Karelia.

The fight started with Finns having hastily gathered AT platoon defending crossroads with one PAK40 and scherks and machine gun platoon. Soviets started by having armored recce team to scout ahead before actual tanks with massed infantry rolled in. Soviet recon was stopped by fire when it reached crossroads and Finnish positions were revealed. Once this recon phase was over Soviet tanks rolled in followed by full platoon of infantry. The fight was fierce and Finns put up real hard fight causing heavy losses to Russians. And still the Soviet steam roller was unstoppable. At the end phase of the fight Finnish armored division joined the fight and challenged Soviet tanks on the crossroads. After intense tank to tank fight the crossroads was full of burning tanks from both sides. After this massive tank bash the defense of Finns broke and Russians reached the road connecting Vyborg and Ihanlala and Finns withdrew towards Juustila.
Finnish troops deploying at Portinhoikka.
PAK40 waiting at ready.
Soviet recce approaching crossroads.
And gets hit by panzerchreck.
Finnish MMG firing.
Objective of the attacker, Portinhoikka crossroads.
Finns in the woods firing.
Soviet infantry attacking.
Soviet T-34's advance on the road.
Massed Russian infantry and tanks attack. 
A sniper and schreck team.
More russian rush into fight.
Armored spearhead.
3rd Finnish armored company counters.
With some effect.
Sturm platoon joins the fight.
Finnish tanks hit and on fire.
Soviet reinforcements arrive.
Late stages of the fight, crossroads full of burning wrecks.
The objective reached by the Soviets.
What a fight! Double size of the normal Bolt Action game. Seven tanks on Soviet side and two platoons of infantry. A platoon of Finns defending with four tanks on Finnish side. Ten + two turns. And still the game rolled on nicely and it was a mayhem but great fun!
Five players altogether. Thanks for the players!