keskiviikko 29. kesäkuuta 2016

Bolt Action - Germans of all sorts

I haven't been updating these pages much lately. I've been busy with other things and did some odd AWI painting for joint project I agreed with my club mate. I'll post something on that too in due time. But Bolt Action is still high on my list an I do paint figures for it too. Recently I've painted some late war germans and some late war tanks. This is part of Ardennes campaign I'm planning to play in autumn this year. I bought odd set of SS troopers from another friend, which gave me good opportunity to practice Waffen SS camo for the first time ever. So here's some new additions for my constantly growing WWII figure collection.
Tough SS men with distinctive camo.
Officer and HQ squad.
Scary MG42 firing over the shoulder.
Medium mortar.
Some early war too from Foundry line.
Objective markers.
Earlier LMG in good position.
Panzer grenadiers.
Workhorse Panzer IV.
And effective Panther.
Some pictures are bit off focus sorry, but mostly you they are OK.

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