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Bolt Action - Demolition

First game of Bolt Action with new V2 rules. And Bolt Action game after some time. And it was like coming home. New rules are very much the same old BA, but with some nice additions which make the game even more fun.

The actual game was a scenario Demolition from the new rulebook. In which both sides have the same mission to destroy enemy depot or something. Not very interesting, but worked well as a test bench for new ruleset. In the future I'd prefer attacker - defender scenarios with good background story.

The actual fight started with British commandos forming up to make two pronged attack on German ammo dump. Germans formed up on their left a flank to advance to Allied fuel supply dump through bombed out village ruins. Both supply spots were left quite lightly guarded, British opened the fight by Arty FO calling in fire mission. On the opposite side German lieutenant ordered two infantry squads to move forward and then followed them.  Then artillery struck but missed the mark and shells dropped quite near commando unit and they got well pinned. Germans on the left flank moved forward but came under fire from British machine guns and mortars. Intense fire fight erupted around the village ruins, but casualties were still low. Then Cromwell tank rolled in and gunned down some more Fallshirmjägers. And then to finnish the job, German squad on far left was assaulted by tough commandos and got killed outright. Germans brought in their reserves and fortified their supply depot by infantry squad which made fire base behind cemetery walls. They were supported by Stug 42, so there was no way that Commandos were ever able to destroy depot. When German advance stalled on left flank and situation turned in senseless fire fight, which only caused casualties without results, bith officers ordered withdrawal and fight ended up a draw.

And then the main thing, nice pictures from the fight.
Bombed out village on Belgian border.
Commandos start advancing across the field.
Fallschimrjägers advance through the forest.
Cromwell rumbles in.
Commandos regrouping after successful close quarters.
Commando officer changing tactics in the cover of ruined house.
Fallschirmjägers advance through the cemetery.
Fearsome MG42 in ambush position.
Germans on left flank just before they decided to start withdrawing.
Commandos behind the ruined walls quite hesitant. 
Officer ordering covering fire.
Cromwell moving in to challenge Stug.
Germans in good position.
"Let's go boys. to fight another day"
German sniper observing the situation to unravel.
As I mentioned before, good old Bolt with new spices, which make it even tastier. Nothing is missing but many new features have been brought in. Good upgrade! And off course nice game if not the best scenario.

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  1. Great looking game my friend. We too are enjoying the new Version 2 rules. So much better.

    1. Thanks! There is now many things, that we have allready house ruled in our v1 games, like dense terrain and turning fixed weapons on spot with to hit penalties. But there is also many other nice little things we like.