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Force on Force - Vietnam Demo Game at Ropecon 2014

This has been coming now for some time, this change of language in my Blog. In the future the articles will concentrate more on painting and modeling and most game AAR's will published in my other blog Council Courier. That will remain Finnish. I'm not that confident English writer, so at start these stories may be bit shorter. Let's see how this works.

Anyway to the point now. We have been presenting Force on Force game in various occasions after it was first published by Ambush Alley Games. I bought mine from Salute 2012 and after that I'v bee playing it a lot and also presenting it in many occasions. In Ropecon we have been previously doing demo twice, and this will be third time in continuum, so it's becoming kind of tradition.

Every year we have had different theme and accordingly themed tabletop and this year it will be Vietnam and more specifically the Riverine warfare. Our game is set on riverbank where US Marines and Navy will be run series of operations to against Vietgong and NVA troops. First time ever, we will have warship on the table! We will also have choppers, snipers and rubber boats and maybe some wild animals too...

The venue is Ropecon 2014

The Demo games will run Saturday and Sunday from 1000 - 1600 hrs.

Once again we will be doing this jointly with War Head grew. So if you find War Head, you find this too!

See you at Ropecon!

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