torstai 2. lokakuuta 2014

Bolt Action - Bloody forest

Bolt Action for a while. We had four player game of Bolt Action on Wednesday game evening. The game was scenario point defense from the BA rule book and it was about capturing and holding three objectives on the battlefield. We had strengthened platoon on each side, some ten units. For allied there were American-British combined force and Sherman bolstering it. On German side SS-troops and assault engineers and fearsome Tiger I. Table was forested area with lots of cover and loss block, which spells out as good game. There were also many new freshly painted model, Deuce and a half truck, Sdkfz250/9, US Jeep, so there were plenty eye candy on the table.

The game started both sides moving rapidly towards the objectives on the table. Allied decided bring all their troops on first wave which meant there was allied troops pouring through the woods. At the start of then fight the Tiger started to roll toward the right side objective, which activated Sherman to confront it. Tiger took first shot but missed and Sherman replied with accurate shot which hit Tiger squarely on front plate, but no penetration. Later the unfortunate Sherman was hit by allied ground attack plane by mistake before Tiger got it. Later USAF corrected things and destroyed the Tiger too. Infantry fight was at first troops shuffling through forest until they met. The close range firefights were fast and bloody and casualties very high. Towards the end of the fight attrition was taking more toll on Germans who literally ran out of troops. There were many "movie moments" during the game, like Tiger trying to roll over american squad and SS-officer doing the final heroic rush for the objective along few veteran sergeants only to be gunned down by yanks. Truly like Huertgen forest!

Some action shots from the fight.

Awesome Tiger I
Heer recon with assault engineers.
Soldires from the Big Red One.
Sherman engaging Tiger, brave guy.
End of Sherman, but not by Tiger.
Tiger tank shocking americans.
SS-troops advance in line. 
Two last Germans facing their unavoidable faith.
To the objectice!
Deuse and a half.
German brave platoon leader rushing to objective.
German hal track trying to defend the objective.
All in all, good scenario, nice models and fun game, time nicely spent!

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