torstai 16. lokakuuta 2014

Bolt Action - Crossroads of Death

War went on in the club when the usual group of WW2 ehnthusiastics gathered together to have some Bolt Action action. Fights were fought in two tables and familiar Normandy opponents facing each other. I was pretty occupied with my own game and wasn't really following action on the other table, but in there Germans won.

Our game was airborne elite confrontation between British Paras and German Fallshirmjägers. The fight took place on little town with lots of houses and church as a centre point of action.   The mission was hold until relieved from BA rulebook and British para were defending crossroads in the village. Germans were the attacker whose hard task was to eliminate Brits who were bunkered in the houses around the objective. Not an easy task at all, as the fight proved. Almost all Germans were motorized riding either half track or in a truck plus one schwimmwagen, but they really lacked the punch to hit British paras in the houses. This was firts time I was using transports, so had really no idea of how they work on the tabletop. With some tactical mistakes made by Germans (me) and some support of bad luck (to me) fight really went for the Brits and Fallschirmjägers were shot up pretty badly. But still they were able to put up true fight and casualties were very high on the other side too.

Here's some pictures, no that much I was concentrating on the hard fight.

Scene of the fight small town somewhere in France.
Crossroads by the church was the objective to be taken.
Para sniper in bell tower.
British troops were in good position and in good cover.
First transport to take a hot was Opel Blitz, result was expected.
Hanomag approaching carefully by the church while jeep waits.
Reaching for objective.
Schwimmwagen was trying to hide throughout all fight.
Good but hard fight with new transport feature this time. It will need some more practice to use their mobility more effectively. I'm sure they can be the key on many scenarios to reach the objectives and win the fight.

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