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WH 40 K - Through the Storm of Vengeance

It's been really busy November. New painting project running on high gear, weekly Bolt Action gaming, some scenario design for the fore mentioned game.  War Head's own 40 K staff tournament.

And the main event of November, 40 K campaign.  After over a half year of planning and postponing, we finally realized our vintage 40 K campaign from early 90's the Storm of Vengeance. Previously I played it through after buying it mid 90's or when ever it was published and it was nice to revisit it with War Head team. Our 40 K mastermind Teemu tweaked the venerable campaign to be played with 7th ed. rules and choose very nice narrative from multitude of games provided in campaign pack.

We prepared the campaign well before the actual gaming by building some custom table and some thematic scenery to give some nice theme for our games. We had two orc players and one who was doing the marines part. The marines were Teemu's excellent Charcharodons, award winning army. I was doing Bad Moons and Hese took the role of Chazghull Thraka and his Goffs.

Actual campaign was fought over a weekend, four games on Saturday and final very large game on Sunday, some seventeen hours of gaming all together. The games formed a narrative pretty much as in the campaign book, and the games had connection to the next and some effect on the next, so it meant something to win or lose. Since this was very fluffy game, armies were build very liberally and the troops were't balanced.

How the story went, you can read from War Head's excellent Blog where games and the whole narrative starting from scenery workshop into last game is or will be reported. So enjoy, it's all Finnish, but there's lot of eye candy of nicely painted figures and fine scenery.

And then the story of or campaign.

From the scenery workshop at War Headquarters

To actual games.

Preparation: Reaching Piscina IV
First game: If ya want sunffin dun...
Second and third game: Gut and run & Breakthrough
Fourth game: Revelations
Fifth game: to be published...

It was great campaign, best of breed and really the way I love to play beloved 40 K games. Games with fine story, nice armies, good company and  great feelings. Lots of "movie moments" in the games!

Something to remember for a while.

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