sunnuntai 23. marraskuuta 2014

Bolt Action - US Marine reinforcements

Bolt Action Marine project grinds on and some more tough fighters got ready to join battle in remote Pacific coral islands. I just got ready second squad of Marine infantry, Sherman and LVT4 Buffalo amtrack.

After painting most of my Marines with green-grey dungarees I wanted little variety and painted some five Marine scouts in P24 camo suit. These guys are from second Marine recon battalion, which was one of the first incarnations of now famous Marine Recon, called Marine Raiders back in the day.

And finally, I dusted old Thunderbolt fighter-bomber plane. It was painted 2003 for other WW2 games, but now it joins the fight again.

Here are the reinforcements.
39 cal. team shifting position.
Flamethrower of course.
Marine recon in camo, mixing it well to the background.
Raiders with lots of assault weapons.
More raiders.
Second infantry squad.
One of the BAR gunners.
Bazooka team.
Sniper and spotter taking five.
Buffalo amtrack.
And ubiquitous Sherman tank.
P 47 Thunderbolt.
Next there will be more heavy metal, maybe one more Sherman and one of those landing crafts to ferry my Marines ashore. There will be more, stay tuned...

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