sunnuntai 24. toukokuuta 2015

Bolt Action - Jackson and more wheels

Not much to do anymore for my 2nd armored project as I just got some more wheels ready. Since they are armored division they should be fully mobile force. And actually in Tank War games you should have all your grunts mobile, and now they are.

So One more M3 half track and two jeeps are latest arrivals.  And probably the most important addition is B36 Jackson tank destroyer. It's the version based on Sherman chassis and bolstering 90 mm AT gun, which is the most effective AT gun US introduced during the WWII. So watch out Tigers.

M36 Jackson tank destroyer. Very nice model by the way.
Half track for the engineers.
And more jeeps, one for FAO and one for command team.

There is still one more Sherman in mail coming and then this project is complete. When that is done, I'll feature full armored platoon with support elements in my blog.

Them my effort will focus on North Africa and desert war...

2 kommenttia:

  1. They look fantastic. like to see them all as one unit of the 2nd Armoured in a game. Especialy that M36 Jackson up against a Tiger.

  2. You will, I'm planning to run/play one day escalation mini-campaign of two three games in a row involving also these fine soldiers and their rides.