sunnuntai 23. elokuuta 2015

Late War Finns - final batch

Now it's done, my final batch of Late War Finns got ready with one more tank. Now there's full platoon of Finnish jägers and two tanks, one Stug and one captured T-34 repainted and put to good service defending Karelia. With some artillery and AT guns.

I will slowly move into making the thematic gaming/display table for my Finns and Russian to fight. I have some two months time until the table will be presented to public, so there shouldn't be any hurry but you never know.

So final batch of Finns with a tank.

Light infantry "jägers" led by captain.
Gunner firing captured Russian LMG called "Emma" by Finns.
Two medics.
T-34/76 tank by that number took part in the fight of Portinhoikka crossroads.

3 kommenttia:

  1. These look superb. It has been really nice to follow this project. I'm looking forward to seeing the display table!

  2. Thanks mates! This has been joy to do! The table is next, and it'll start next week. Pictures will be availlable.