sunnuntai 9. elokuuta 2015

Bolt Action - Late War Finns more soldiers and "Sturmi"

This summer seems to be quite slow on painting front. Almost a month since last post. I really have shape up here. The reason for this has been obvious, I haven't painted up to speed I normally do. So there has been nothing to show, but now there is.

I have been tinkering my late war Finns for my themed Tali-Ihantala project, which will presented in Suuri Snadi fair on October.  So let me introduce more infantry and some AT support and especially Stug with field modifications Finns did to those tanks after they arrived  from Germany summer 1944.
Infantry squad packing some Fanzerfausts.
And yet another squad.
PAK 40 very usefull AT gun.
View from behind the gun.
Medium mortar.
Sniper and an officer.
Stug III in Finnish camo.
Finnish modifications. Toolbox, additional armor in front (made by concrete and differently located spare wheels.
Side view of the beauty.
Now the Finns are mostly painted and I'll move to painting enemy, the Russians.

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