keskiviikko 25. marraskuuta 2015

Bolt Action - Demo game in Clubs Housewarming Party

Just a brief post of a game I ran in our Clubs housewarming party last saturday. Our club moved into premises about two weeks ago. So we had open house or housewarming party for members and interested people last saturday.

I promised to run Bolt Action demonstration game as it was among the most wanted demos. So I packed my US armored and Fallschirmjägers for a fight once again. I used my new Karelia table, but I turned it to be a place somewhere in Netherlands. Actually it worked quite well with only new houses added. The game was just a fight over a tactically important crossroads which was defended by veteran Germans. US armored infantry with some tank support was attacking.

After a hard fight US won the day, but Fallschirmjägers put up a good fight before they were forced to withdraw from the village. Here's some eye candy of the game and the victory parade yanks had after the victory.
US troops taking cover in ruined house.
Germans in good positions.
Strong armored support rolls in.
Overall view of the objective.
US 2nd armored rolling through conquered village.
Another view to armored column.
We had lots of people visiting us during the day and many new people came to see the club, so I'll expect new members for the club. Bolt Action game lasted some four hours during the day, it was nice.

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