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Force on Force - Return to the Modern

After some two years break we started Force on Force games in our club just to have some change to Bolt Action. To have some framework to our games I revitalized my previous Kharum campaign which was left to rest about two years ago.

Kharum is fictional yet believable nation somewhere in Central Africa which has recently been divided in two states. Does it seem familiar? Northern Kharum is fairly stable but South is not and our games are located there. There is various warlords struggling for power and there is also oil, which makes the place very lucrative for international oil companies. To stabilized young nation there is also African peacekeepers in Southern Kharum. This is the scene for intense action which has just started.

We already have had  two games in Kharum. First was a hit against leading warlords main man. The hit was orchestrated by rival warlord colonel Miracle, who was trying to capture the target person. The hit wasn't very successful since defenders were full awake and almost gunned down all attackers during short firefight. Only curious happening was intervention by masked gunmen who joined the fight and seemingly helped Miracles men. (This was off course caused by Fog of War Cards drawn).

Peaceful village in countryside.
Is not that peaceful, but filled with gunmen.
Who are alerted by approaching enemy.
Colonel Miracles men.
Fire support on the hill by the village.
Mysterious masked snipers joined the fight.
Second incident was attack on UN food distribution point, once again, by Miracles men. UN troops and US and German advisers put up a good defense. Then things went terribly wrong and one UN jeep was shot to flames and food truck was set ablaze. Some civilians got wounded allegedly by UN troops fire and after that four UN trooper were put to ground. So in the end food distribution ended up a chaos, and UN is now searching colonels men around.
Small town in Kharum.
UN food distribution point.
Local people are gathering to have some.
Place is guarded by local UN troops.
Gunmen moving for a hit.
And soon UN jeep is hot to fire.
Soon after that four peacekeepers are down.
To add the disaster, food truck is set ablaze by RPG.
When all ends total chaos reigns.
Nice start for our modern campaign. Eventful games and lots of plots and story lines to follow for the next games. Next will see the hunt for the gunmen hotspots.

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  1. Looking good, in a rather sinister way, can smell the oil, I mean human suffering from here, and preparing an advisory liaison in Kharum to ease the UN troops... if the post strike ends soonish.

  2. Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.

  3. Good to see the Moderns out again Juha. like the idea of a fictional African nation. I've been meaning to do the same.

    1. Fictional African nation opens possibilities, you can throw in almost any military faction.