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Bolt Action - 8th Army ready for the Duel

Bolt Action gaming has been somewhat on hold since the Force on Force campaign is now running more or less regularly. But the painting hasn't been on hold, by no means. I've painted regularly and all sorts of miniatures for the Bolt. More Germans, Sikhs, more British and this my latest addition for my collection 8th army with some LRDG reinforcements, which is presented now.

At some stage during the autumn one of my club mates was ordering miniatures from Perry Miniatures and I jumped in to get troops for the North Africa. This idea had been bubbling in my mind for a year and this was perfect excuse to start new army. Then when the great miniatures came I started right away.

I also have had an idea to make some troops for LRDG for some, "behind the enemy lines -games. So next order went to Warlord Games and armed Jeeps and lorries were on the way. Previously I had bought one extra Finnish Bofors light AT gun and when I saw a picture of Portee gun Morris armed with Bofors it was added into this project too. And what is an army without tanks so few tanks were added for serious support duties.

So here's my latest Bolt Action project just in time for new "Duel in the Sun" - campaign book. This project got extra boost when I was on holiday and spent a week in the Bay of Aqaba and visited Jordania where the scenery boosted my inspiration.

The Desert rats squad one.
Squad two.
And then reckless LRDG commandos.  
Light mortar and At rifle for support.
And best support ever the Sniper.
Platoon command team.
Medic with orderly to keep boys healthy.
LRDG jeeps and portee gun.
M3 White and Morris for transport.
Another M3 but this time Grant to counter good German tanks.
Front view. This was particularly nice model to paint.

Crusader II a bit faster armor.
And the front view.
I might get one more box of Desert rats to complete this, but now I'm busy with German DAK painting and some Ramcke brigade troops so next there will be Germans...

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