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Force on Force - The Package...of misery

It was once again time for Force on Force. This time the scenario was picked from the book "Classified" and was excellent three party scenario by Donogh McCharty. Nice three participant scenario of illegal arms deal interrupted by government forces. With that we went on with Kharum campaign and colonel Miracles storyline. After having sound beating twice from UN troopers Miracle went underground and disappeared to unknown. But there was certain business with Chinese to take care. So Colonel sent one of his trusted captains to make the deal. But their dirty deal was revealed by one of the Miracles captains captured from previous operation.

The deal was happening by rural airfield where Chinese seller landed by helicopter. Chinese businessman had a team of tough looking silent green men with him. Miracles captain had hand picked mob of militia as a protection. When the transaction was to take place UN troops appeared into airfield from woods nearby and Miracles men reacted firing them right away and UN troops returned fire and all hell broke loose. Green men, maybe Chinese, sprinted to their principal and one soldier started moving him towards the waiting chopper. Miracles captain took the package and ran towards a building where their escape car was parked. At the same time pilots sprinted to the helo and jumped in.

UN troops near airfield advanced and poured murderous fire into rebel troops as usual dropping them one by one. They seemed to have the same killing spree on like operations before. Chinese green men opened fire to Miracles captain and effectively shot them in back. This was most unexpected and now Miracles men found themselves between two firing parties. So while UN troops eliminated most opposition from their sector and the green men on their Miracles men were all down. Except on who tried to drag his leader in safety in large building. He was also fired down by UN troops noticing him, so only the poor captain was left standing and he surrendered  to UN. During this time chopper pilots fired up the machine and took off and after having some intense fire from ground flew aways. Now it was time to UN to meet the green men. UN troops managed to eliminate one soldier and the arms dealer and seeing this other silent troopers slipped away.

Once again glorious victory for the UN. The package captured, Miracles captain apprehended, Chinese arms dealer eliminated and one unknown green soldier KIA. Miracle is now in real troubles with his captains and supporters and wanted man by the UN.

So AAR shots from the airfield.
Green men covering the transaction.
Now in close protection.
UN troops on attack.
Arms dealer and escort sneaking to safety.
Miracles troops taking cover.
Chopper leaving after pilots lost their nerve.
All targets down for UN troops.
Chopper left, what now?
Faith of the arms dealer in the house.
Miracles trusted man captured.
Interesting game, somewhat confusing time to time because of the three different players. But went well in the end. Truly a misery for colonel Miracle.

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