torstai 11. helmikuuta 2016

Force on Force - The Pit

Our last Kharum campaign game ended in a situation where UN troops were force to seek cover from a compound in a very hostile neighborhood. They were slowed by two wounded comrades and two surprise prisoners they apprehended during the rescue operation. So instead of pushing beck to base the took hold on a compound, fortified it, sent out distress call and started waiting. Their call was answered by several units which reported bit different ETA's each.

While UN troopers were waiting warlord gunmen surrounded the compound and started gathering courage to start the attack ti free their arrested friends. Suddenly they got extra boots of courage since Colonel Miracle showed up with hard looking soldiers. The colonel sent gunmen for attack as soon as he appeared and with no time the fight was on.

Heaviest attack stated from east side of the compound and UN troopers holding that side started getting hits. They returned fire but firing from gunmen AK's was so intensive things started looking pretty bleak already at the start of the fight. This situation was relieved by truckload of South Kharum regulars who were working with UN in joint operations. They rolled in and attacked rebels on east side and turned the tables. While Kharum regulars were engaging rebels UN troops in compound were patching the wounded best they could and hoped the CSAR team would arrive soon. The empty UN truck rolled east side of the compound to load the wounded and prisoners.

While fire fight on east side was on colonel Miracle made his move and cleverly slipping through yards and houses approached the compound swiftly. And with no tike he and his tough guardsmen opened murderous fire on UN team on west side and dropped two out of three immediately. After that Miracle sent guardsmen to attack what was left standing on west side. Situation was were confusing since the compound was now filled with soldiers, prisoners and many wounded blue glad soldiers. There was countless attacks and counter attacks and righters fell while prisoners were watching amazed.

Once again Un troops seemed doomed. But then resourceful UN troopers started evacuating wounded and prisoners to street on east side while Kharum regulars were suppressing Miracles warriors. During that CSAR team buzzed in with Little Bird chopper onboard sniper did his peace on Miracles gunmen. The little chopper was chased away twice by intensive ground fire but it kept flying in on and on and finally managed to drop CSAR team on compound perimeter. The like finalize the defeat of colonel Miracle Warrior APC drove by and started peppering Miracles elite with 30 mm cannon and MG fire. One by Miracles guardsmen were dropped down and it even seemed Miracle got one, but he was never found and UN later counted six Miracles guardsmen from compound as casualties.

So two phase operation was over and after a hard fight UN managed to get most of it's men safe. Only two were KIA's. UN got also several gunmen leaders as prisoners and two western mining engineers were saved during this successful operation.

Some AAR shots fro the location.

Kharum regulars roll in.
UN troops look relieved familiar truck to approach.
Kharum regulars starting a fight.
Gunmen pushing in the compound.
CSAR team buzzes in.
Miracle and his loyal guard attacking compound-
Enter Warrior.
SCAR team on location and ready go in to start first aid-
UN truck leaving with prisoners and engineers while Warrior's providing cover.
Truck speeding to safety.
A picture of a man allegedly colonel Miracle.
How interesting game. At first it seemed that UN troops will be overrun at turn three. Then things changed. Then Miracles successful attack on compound changed the situation once again until sure victory was taken from poor colonel. This is Force on Force!

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