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Black Powder - Bunker Hill 1775

AWI game once again and quite soon after the first one. This time we picked scenario Bunker Hill from the Rebellion campaign book. Bunker Hill was famous battle of American war of independence, since it showed Continental rebels that British army wasn't all invisible. Historically British won but it was very Pyrhic one, since British lost roughly half of their strength in this fight. Well, this time it went totally differently.

The scenario saw well trained British troops attacking boldly to American defenses on to of the hill. The defenses were manned by rebel militia, much under graded compared the attacker.

British approach was remarkably quick and it surprised the rebels totally. At the same time rebel reinforcements didn't came at the start of the fight. So after only few quick shots from the defender British elite was ready to make bayonet attack. Only solace was that British artillery was left behind and it never too part in this fight. But it wasn't really needed, infantry took care of the fighting and well they did.

After remarkably quick march British troops strong assault on the hill and one by one defending militia was broken and left the fight. And when at the same time only one company of reinforcements appeared, defenders were broken and forced to surrender the defenses and withdraw from them.

The fight was over and British won. It was resounding victory for the Crown with minimal losses. Not really historical outcome.
American militia is looking the enemy forming battle lines and start the solid approach by the sound of the drums. 
British battle line moving ahead.
British officer urging his troops forward.
British right flank closing worryingly.
Militia preparing to fire a volley.
American officers keep the lines steady.
American militia firing.
First assault hit home.
Situation is getting desperate for the defenders.
British broke defender lines and rush in the defenses.
American militia breaks from the fight and the day is British.
This was very quick game. British attacker took the defenses quickly and there wasn't actually much that defenders could do. They were outnumbered and outgunned and no reserves arrived during the critical stage. So American militia did what they could and the they left to fight another day.

Still nice game and loads of bad luck for the defender. Until the next one...

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