sunnuntai 24. heinäkuuta 2016

Bolt Action - The Forest Incident

Back to Bolt Action, when we continued our slow paced Fall Rot campaign with a club mate. Lat time we had fight over German plans in a bombed out city. Now French troops arranged true surprise for advancing germans in quite dense forest area. Maybe they made use of the plans captured last time. Before the game we agreed that we will have a game in wooded area where no tanks or other vehicles could operate. Only portable weapons were allowed with artillery and mortars, off course. The scenario was straightforward attrition from the rulebook with no frills.

The encounter started by both forces entering the table squad by squad trying to find as good position as possible in terms of cover and good advance paths through the thick vegetation. Main force of Germans went their right and only one squad was sent to find flanking position on left flank. The wily French mirrored German moves as they knew where their grey clad enemies would advance. After initial moves both troops advanced cautiously through the forest trying to find possible enemy ahead. The German flanking force got contact first and they started exchange on shots with French squad. And then the first disaster hit poor Germans. French mortar team spotted the enemy and hit it with fist shot, like sniper. Some Germans MMG team was practically annihilated. Then the same faith met the covering infantry who fell murdering fire from French guns. The same scene was repeated on right flank too when first advancing German squad was hit by the another French mortar. The unlucky squad got pinned in choke point which blocked the safe route from other German squads. Then rest of the fight saw accurate mortar fire and equally accurate small arms fire from French troops. Germans weren't able to bring same firepower on French since their artillery was delayed all the fight and squads had to join the fight piecemeal. Result of this incident was almost annihilated German platoon and humiliating defeat as a price.
The battlefield before the fight.
French sniper ready in position.
Germans advance and all is looking still good.
Right flank meets and firing starts.
Mortar is just hit the point squad and FO is calling for supporting fire for the Germans.
French officer set a firing line in forest line.
German MMG takes aim, just before it's hit by the mortar.
German left flank gets shots badly.
French keep firing accurate fire on disorganized Germans.
The heroes of this fight French footsloggers.
Germans prepare to withdraw from intense fire.
German FO is still trying to call fire while watching infantry withdrawing. 
Last surviving squad of Germans disengage quickly to fight another day.
Nice fight in interesting scenery. And nice continuation for our campaign. This time Germans were badly beaten, the plans stolen by the French resistance were truly put in use this time.

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  1. Great game and set up. Good to see what a differce a game makes without tanks.

    1. It was good game, even I got beaten badly. With men and rifles the fight got very even and was like game of chess in tactical terms. I made few wrong moves.