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Black Powder - Shatterton's Hill 1776

Third game of out gradually advancing series of AWI games. This time the fight was "Chatterton's Hill" from the "Rebellion" campaign book. This was another fight where British troops were attacking the flank of Continental army. To oppose that Continental army was hastily ordered to form a defense on Chatterton's Hill. Fairly large hill by the Bronx river. Good high ground looking over the river with reasonable lines of fire. For the attacker situation was somewhat difficult, since reaching Continentals meant crossing the river. And crossing was to be done either over a bridge or a ford. Crossing elsewhere would need some swimming actions. Stout British forces were accompanied by solid Hessian professional, aggressive and capable army for the attack. Continentals were somewhat mixed bag. One part was decent continental line and another part militia or levy, which wasn't that reliable under fire.

This was the starting situation where the commander of the crown forces general von Heister started his attack. British-Hessian army approached the river in three columns. They had also delpoyed fairly large battery of cannons on small hill to provide long range fire support.The Continentals had two brigades both commanded on the hill. The militia was at front and Continental line as a reserve.
Since continental army have had some time, they had managed to set up nice firing lines just on the crest of the hill, where they waited muskets loaded and powder horns at hand for the inevitable.
British troops advanced rapidly cross light wood and vegetation and soon all crown troops reached the riverbank and opened musket fire. This was joined the battery on the Wolf Pit hill. The musket fire caused some casualties but the cannonade wasn't that effective. Maybe due the long range they had to fire.

Continental reply for the fire was surprisingly quite effective and caused considerable casualties and disorder. The Americans sure knew how to shoot.
There was a moment in the fight when both armies stood their ground and tried to break on another with muskets and cannons. But this was playing for the Americans since they were decent shots and they were able to bring large number of muskets to bear from their high ground.
At this point general von Heister adopted aggressive tactic and ordered Hessians to attack across the ford and one british column across the bridge. Very sensible tactics with good and solid infantry.
Hessians rushed over the ford taking fire and front units managed to reach continental militia. But crossing the ford was so slow that front unit was attacking alone and was beaten back by three battalions of levy.
When the crown army started crossing the river continental militia was pouring lead on Hessian crossing the ford and continental flank did the same on British crossing the bridge.
 British and Hessian attacked over the river in many places and got some local victories. But continental reserves plucked the caps and even more muskets fired on the crown troop fording across the river.
One by one crown battalions were depleted and were forced to retire field. Watching more and more troops withdrawing general von Heister sounded retreat and left the field in good order. Continental flank was secured and the hill was still in at American hands. After a good fight, this was American day.
Nice game once again. Both sides put up a good fight and there was a lot that happened on the table during the game. The game was played in good humor and gentlemanly, as thsi game should be played. Enjoyable time.

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