sunnuntai 2. marraskuuta 2014

WH 40K - Storm is rising!

Next weekend we will be having 40K weekend extravaganza! I haven't been playing 40K for a while, so It'll be nice to meet 7th ed. too. The campaign is based on GW campaign booklet Strorm Of Vengeance which was published way back in 90's for 2nd. ed. Our 40K master Teemu, read it through and picked some appropriate scenarios and tuned them for 7th. ed. There will be two famous orc warbosses Nazdreg and Ghazgull clashing with Charcharodon Chapter Marines on Piscina IV.

As a preparation for the campaign, we had scenery project, in which we made custom gaming table, with some nice new scenery and buildings. During two sundays War Head construction team worked hard on cutting, plastering, painting and weathering tables and buildings. This is actually as inspiring as the actual game! More on our scenery project on War Head blog. (all Finnish).

There is a storm rising and soon it's upon us!

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