sunnuntai 25. tammikuuta 2015

The Crescent & The Cross - Crusaders and Templars

Crusades project grinds on and yet another batch of brave warriors of the faith got ready. I did some repainting to old Citadel men-at-arms to make them barons own warriors. They are quite historically, so they pass well for late crusaders, and it would be shame not to use these nice old jewels of miniature history.

And finally finalized all mounted late crusades Templar knights. Actually these are probably made by Perries too. They were sold as Bretonnian knights back in the day, and now they have gone off market, which is shame.

Here's a little update of progress.

One more Baron with trusty banner.
And the brave men of the baron. 
Strong group of Templars readying for charge.
And now there will be even more, some mounted sergeants for Templars and Saracen archers.

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