sunnuntai 11. tammikuuta 2015

The Crescent & The Cross - Troops of Principality and Hospitallers

My C&C painting project proceeds, quite feverishly I'd say. The period inspires me really, so It's great fun to paint these knights and warriors of Outremer. Along with painting I've been reading C&C rulebook, and I have some reservations about it. I still have some doubts about the battle boards and sometimes the rules are written in very complex way. Well after a few games I'll know better, lets wait for that.

Now I have added more Norman crusading knights to the Crusading army and more Milites Cristi troops for my Hospitallers. I also wanted to paint some Normans who have settled in the Outremer and decided to go for The Principality of Antioch. That was ruled long by the Italo-Normans.  First troops are unit of warriors and the Baron. I decided to give these troops some uniformity, so the shield design is similar for all warriors and the baron himself.
Four more knights who took the cross.
Hospitallers colors flying.
The baron of the Antioch. 
Barons warriors.
There will be some more Normans to paint, so the next normans will be more individual warriors,
group of sell swords to for fight for the money.

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