sunnuntai 18. tammikuuta 2015

The Crescent & The Cross - More Crusaders

My C&C project flies on. Just got some more crusaders ready. It's still fun to paint these medieval warriors and these are more individual knights and warriors than the previous ones painted. Each have distinct livery. I painted some warriors as crusader allies from Armenia, just to practice a little different shield designs.

There is another related project I'm working with. I've found my old Citadel medieval warriors from late eighties and early nineties. I believe those are sculpted by Perry twins during their early days working for Citadel miniatures. They are actually for later medieval era, but work well for later crusades. Part that discovery was nice bunch of knights with lances and barded chargers, really warlike boys.

Next I'll be working with arab archers and it give possibility to paint even more delicate (and complex) fabrics since those arabs tended to dress up very colorfully. Let's see how it works.

And here are latest additions for The Outremer.
Baron with strong connection to Templars. 
From other side. 
Knights with spanish flavor.
Norman knights. 
Warriors from Armenia. 
Old Citadel men-at-arms for later crusades.
Warlike Templars still in VIP state.
Still very inspired!

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  1. Tehokasta työstöä! Ristiretki hiitti kasvaa. Veriroiskeet on kyllä hyvä lisä noihin. Vähän lisää raadollisuutta ja sitä hollywood realismia mikä peleihin hyvin sopii :)

  2. Juu, sain idean kun katselin se Kigdom of Heavenin ;) ja mulla oli sitä GWn efektiverta, joten sillä roiskin. Hyvä hiitti päällä tosiaan, oikestaan kovin pitkään aikaan