maanantai 15. kesäkuuta 2015

Bolt Action - Blitzkrieg Germans

Some time ago I started this early war German project as a some sort of side show along with US 2nd armored. Those who have followed my posts of Bolt Action games have actually seen some of these Germans in the reports. Now I have gradually amounted quite playable collection. These are pure early war soldiers with not so much automatic weapons and all are wearing German field grey, which is green, in fact. These soldiers will be backed with my combat engineers. So here's the collection so far.

Iconic Prussian officer with some HQ staff.
Another officer wearing the famous cross.
37 mm AT quite capable gun in early war years.
Medic team.
Forward observer.
Sniper team.
Side view to show the cover aspect.
Squad one.
Squad two.
Early vehicles of the Germans.
Very cute Panzer II, nice model.

This will go on as a side project, which I will keep tinkering with other painting projects. We will be also gaming German versus French fights and in a form of loose campaign. This I will post in my blog.

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