lauantai 6. kesäkuuta 2015

Bolt Action - US Reinforced Armored Platoon complete

After completing latest Sherman addition of my 2nd Armored project, I'm happy announce it complete. Some two months ago I started building this fine US armored unit for Bolt Action. For some reasons beyond me, I've always liked to build and paint US troops. So this work advanced swiftly and it was fun.

Now I have very full bodied collection of ETO US troops with quite substantial armored support. So I will be able to field units for Tank War too. This is very mobile force since every soldier is riding in a vehicle, as armored troops should.
 Here's some shots from all troops gathered together.
Full armored platoon in group foto.
Infantry squads with their rides.
One more squad.
30 cal. MMG.
And more infantry.
Platoon Lt. with sarge.
Company commander.
Platoon support elements, medic team front.
Platoon sniper.
US steel ready ferry boys into fight.
Platoon of Shermans.
Tank destroyer and recon tank.
Maybe in some stage I'll get some more tank destroyers, to make additional TD platoon, but that can wait.

Now I'm heading to new project, but more fo taht later...

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