sunnuntai 6. syyskuuta 2015

Bolt Action - Late war Soviet infantry

After getting my Finnish troops more or less ready I started working with opponent, the Russians or Soviets to be precise. You have to have enemy after all. These are from Warlord how else and really great figures altogether. Accurate, good animation and good sculpts. They are real joy to paint. The plastic box contains soldiers in summer uniform as well as in padded winter uniform, so I decided to make half os them with snow bases. These are my first snow based miniatures ever and I'm pretty happy how they turned out. The idea was to depict late autumn when the snow had just started to fall, so some parts of the ground is still uncovered. But actually these look some how more like springtime.
Summer time squad for the use in Karelian Isthmus.
Nice and characterful figures.
Winter based Russians, officer in front.
Full squad here too.
Snow bases turned out quite well.

4 kommenttia:

  1. They look great! How did you do the snow bases?

  2. These are great! It will be a pleasure to mow them down on the tabletop ;)

  3. Thanks mates! The snow bases are made following way. I mixed equal amount of baking soda, PVA clue and water together. To make quite thick paste, but manageable. Then I padded that on the bases where needed. Then sprinkled dry baking soda powder on still wet paste to make gradient.