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Bolt Action - a push too far

After so break I got a change to have outing for my Blitzkrieg Germans when we had nice game of Bolt Action in the club. My club mate took his stalwart Russian in the field so the game was located somewhere in Russia. The scenario was variant of point defense where Russians were defending crossroads against motorized German recon platoon. I also had a change to try out freshly painted models of motor cycle unit and Phanomen Granit trucks.

Germans started the game with a quick push to vital crossroads along road and narrower track. Motor cycles and armored car speeded fast forward only to be followed by truck and Panzer II. German lead elements reached ruin of the house by road crossing and occupied it quickly. Then the Russians made their first moves. Russian armored car speeded along the road forward, but was eliminated by the accurate shot from Panzer II. Now the initiative seemed to be at the hands of Germans when they reached the road from both sides of the crossing. Then there was a change in game...

More Russian troops poured to battlefield with T-26 tank to joint the fight. Two units of Russians who had been dug in the field by the crossroads opened fire with success. Freshly joined troops did as well and the German started taking casualties. So the Russians were actually taking more ground around the crossroads thus dominating the field. Then with some missed command resulted Germans to stall their move. At the same time the Russians were intensifying their fire taking advantage from Germans. Then it got even worse...

To change the situation the Germans started flanking move around Russian left so both motor cycles and truck full of troops pushed around. Leading Germans unit made bold move and dismounted from a truck to open fire to dug in Russians. But they were in too good cover and fire was with no effect. The Russians retaliated and assaulted bold Germans and killed them outright. One full squad of stormtroopers was lost. Motorcycles lost their nerve and refused to move for a while. Then German squad in the ruin was shot about everything else on the field and finally annihilated. Then Panzer II was blown away by T-26 the fight was practically over. Germans lost most of it's infantry and a tank. Russians losses were acceptable. Fight went to brave Russians clearly and German push to Moscow was thwarted for a while.

The Russian infantry moving to defensive positions.
No sign of the Germans yet.
And there they come, motorcycle recon squad speeds in.
Then Panzer II and armored car.
The Russians digging in.
Russian counter move starts passing flaming armored car.
German advance element reaches the ruins by the crossroads.
Taking positions.
After a fierce fight the victorious Russian advance from all directions.
Remaining Germans taking cover and preparing to withdraw.
The Russian infantry securing the road and crossroad.
This was also a test run for my new gaming table which I have been preparing for an event mid October. The table is actually a model of one of the famous battle places in our continuation war. The place is called Portinhoikka crossroads, but more of that in a different blog post.

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