lauantai 3. lokakuuta 2015

Bolt Action - project Portinhoikka crossroads

When I started painting my Continuation War Finns an idea of themed table for them popped up in my mind. So while I was painting the figures I pondered what particular scene should I choose for the table. I like war history and going after real scenery was no brainer. After some hard consideration I chose a scene from the battle of Tali - Ihantala and more specifically Portinhoikka crossroads. It was the place where Finnish armored division stopped Russian push by counter attacking them hard. I's also one of the scenes from Tali-Ihantala movie. It took some twenty odd hours of work, but after seeing it ready, it was worth it.
Drawings and some pieces attached.
The table was made after a real map of the place.
Crass matt clued of boards.
Boards covered with tiling mortar.
Looking like chocolate porridge.
Looking quite ready.
Hill flocked.
Another hill called "Kyöpelinvuori".
Table with trees. This it how it will look like,
Famous crossroads.
Great project altogether. Maybe will start next one soon, it's always so much nicer to have thematic tables for gaming.

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  1. Great work, as usual! This will definitely be an eye catcher at Suuri Snadi once the minis are on. Looking forward to playing on this.

    1. Hope it will. There is Nordic challenge at the same time, so lots of peer reference availlble. But thank's !