sunnuntai 25. lokakuuta 2015

Bolt Action - Back to the Pacific

To celebrate Warlords new campaign book Empire in Flames, we went back to jungle and had a game from out of the new book. We picked a scenario, Jungle Road, if I recall it right, where group of brits march into Japanese ambush. Once again we used my new table and tried make it look like Pacific island.

This game British changed to US Marines, cause I don't have my Indian troops ready yet. Nice scenario where US troops are marching along the road trying to exit the other end. Japanese are trying annihilate all enemies if possible. We used night fighting rules, and got flare, which made game even more interesting. This seems easy task for ambushers, but it wasn't so.

At the start half of the US troops started marching along the road and rest were following off table entering later from reserves. From turn one Japanese started firing and got some hits, but stalwart Marines pushed on and actually took offensive approach and opened quite intensive fire.  What would you expect they are Marines after all. Start of the second turn I got rest of "leathernecks" on the field and bunched them close together in order to provide concentrated fire ambushers and it worked, Japanese in stead couldn't concentrate their fire partly because dark conditions of night. Finally one Marine recon squad managed to assault two Japanese squads in consecutive turns which almost broke Japanese on left flank. US troops moved ahead and poured massive small arms fire to Japanese squads eliminating the one by one. At the end of the game four US squads left table to safe and most of the Japanese were lying dead on the ground. This night went to US troops.

Marines moving ahead.
Japanese ambushers waiting.
Dug in Japanese by the road.
US Marines bunch up for the fight.
Strong push forward and intense fire.
Marines running for safety.
Who has most BAR's wins!

Nice scenario and good game. The night fighting with occasional flare lighting up scenery was interesting and fun.

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  1. Looks Great Juha.
    Just finished reading the same book and started putting some jungle terrain together myself. I like this one a lot as Australia fought most of there campaign in the Pacific.

    1. Thanks. And I ordered some plastic Brits and turbaned heads from Warlord, to prepare proper Burmese unit to fight the Japanese in the jungle. We should get more jungle plants though.

  2. I have quite a bit of Jungle terrain Juha. Will bring it to the club once our Pasific campaign starts!

    1. OK, but the campaign will not be happening soon. I have this Force on Force camp starting.