torstai 22. lokakuuta 2015

Bolt Action Demo Table in Action

Maybe you have been following my Tali - Ihantala gaming table project or seen it during test drive games in AAR's. Now the table was finally used for the purpose it was made for. Last weekend was hobby convention Suuri Snadi which translates big small. There was all sorts of scale hobbies on display, doll houses, scale models, model railroads and modeling competition. Among all that our Club put up few demonstration tables and my Bolt Action table was one of them.  From late summer until now I painted bunch of Finnish troops and tanks and finally tinkered the table just before the show. Then I borrowed Russian troops and Tanks from club mates and all was set. Here's some pictures of the table on display.
Russians advance towards Portinhoikka crossroads.
Troop taking cover.
Finnish machine gun firing from forest line.
Finnish armored division point tanks.
Russian armor on the Karelian road. 
Russian point tank on fire.
Aerial view of Russian attack column.
Finns on defense.
Medium howitzer firing.
Finnish sniper in action.
Russians attacking.
Finns preparing counter assault.
Tank hunters getting ready.
One down more to go.
Famous Finnish tank in action at Portinhoikka.
Finnish rifleman in it's element.
Attack finally stopped for a while.
This was interesting project. It lead me studying history of Tali-Ihantala battle more closely which was nice. It also lead me studying history, painting and numbering of Finnish tanks used in this particular fight. And maybe most importantly it gave nice focus for vigorous painting project from summer to autumn. Great immersion!

By the way, visitors liked my table.

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  1. Fantastic photos and layout. looks just like the actual movie.

  2. Thanks. You are right, never thought of that movie aspect.

  3. Hieno bloggaus taas niin graafisuuden & kuin filliksenkin kannalta t jyri