maanantai 12. lokakuuta 2015

Bolt Action - Too Late, Too Little

A change to have a game of Bolt Action appeared  suddenly and with a fellow gamer who had been of gaming some months now. So we had a fight between old adversaries The French and Blitzkrieg Germans. The scene was once a again my new demo table, which is pretty much ready to be presented in a convention this weekend.

We devised up a scenario where Germans were defenders for a while and somewhat stronger French platoon was attacking them. There was German relief force to come to save the day from reserve. But from the start poor German combat engineer squad was to survive French onslaught. So the scenario was a variant of point defense, but for the drama there was much smaller starting force for Germans at start. And drama it turned out to be, or more likely tragedy.

German positons in the ruins.
German engineers squad was entrenched in a bombed out house with light AT gun around the corner. From there they watched the French platoon to appear in nearby woods. The French appeared from woods and approached German positions in line with almost full platoon strength. While Germans readied their guns and took careful aim Lorraine transport and Renault tank rolled in. Steel nerved Sturmpioniers put AT gun in action and knocked Lorraine off and first fire of Germans from ruins did some damage on French on the field. Furious fire fight ensued and French were pouring fire from three squads and Renault over German engineers who started taking casualties. Heavy French fire took it's toll and Germans were busy keeping their heads down and they didi not noticed French mortar which was zeroing in the ruins. It hit with devastating results. There was only few engineers standing after the dust settled. But still the nerve of seasoned fighters held. The officer who had appeared in the yard behind the house helped indeed. But nothing else was not coming yet.

After mauling Germans into small team the French advanced rapidly and actually took good positions around the house ruins and nearby surroundings. So, when the reserves finally appeared (in turn four) they only drove in very bad place where they were fired from good positions. German reserves were wasted in futile attempt to help their already lost friends. All German units that were trying to change the situation were annihilated on attempt, so it was too late, too little. The fight went for the French.
The French approaching in the woods.
AT gun loaded.
French advance in open line across the fields and Lorraine driving in.
Germans open up.
Renault covering advancing troops.
German officers drive in, the only reserves for a while.
French move closer for a kill.
Finally German reinforcements came but too late.
The objective was in French hand.
Last desperate attempt of Panzer to break French lines.
Very one sided game, me having no reserves and opposite having almost all to use. It was truly a massacre for my poor Germans. Yet very good and dramatic game after all. This kind of stuff the stories are told. And there is always a revenge.

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