maanantai 4. elokuuta 2014

Black Powder- To Wagram with AB Cuirassiers

Yet another small painting update and this time with Napoleonic s. We have been gaming 1809 Danube campaign with fellow club members all year long and finally we are about to go for grande finale, the battle of Wagram. The game is now finally scheduled at mid September. As a preparation I have started adding some troops for my collection, and these Austrian Cuirassiers are latest unit to join the ranks.

Figures are AB Miniatures 15mm Austrian Cuirassiers and I must say these are absolutely fine figs all the way. Very accurate and nicely sculpted and real joy to paint, if not a bit challenging. Great animation, anatomy and especially amount of fine detail, which is important in historical figs. So these heavy hitters are proud to join my Austrian 1809 army to meet the French.
Two units of Cuirassiers line up. 
I added flags cause heavy cavalry too them in front.
General de Divisions giving orders. (this is Essex miniature by the way).
Some odd brigadiers.
These guys will go out for some practice next week when they will fight Poles in Ratzyn, little side show before big Wagram fight.

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  1. Very nice looking chaps! How do these fare up against Essex guys sizewise? Are they like giants or could they be used next to each other without issues?

  2. Thanks! They are about same size, so actually they mix well. The two man command base in combination of Essex and AB, and you really can't tell the difference of the size. Foot soldiers are bit taller, only a bit, so if you keep them in their own bases, no problem. I will even mix them when doing next units ;)