torstai 28. elokuuta 2014

Rebs and Freedom fighters from TAG

Little side step from ongoing WW2 painting projects. I came across nice bunch of figures from TAG modern range. They were on sale in leading gaming forum called Sotavasara (all Finnish). All together 70 figs terrorists and SWAT cops. Being modern warfare buff, I couldn't resist.

So now I have groups of civilian dressed warriors toting AK's and AKSU's and other eastern blog weaponry looking cool in sunglasses and sport wear. Good for any "low intensity war" scenario.

Quite nice sculpts and easy to paint, maybe not best of the market but good anyway, and after all it's really matter of taste. Judge yourself, here they are.
Rebels with AK's and gear.
Striped paratrooper shirt and guy looking like the son of the morning star.
Support team.
Sporty fellows with AKSU's.
Next some law enforcement and more rebs...

2 kommenttia:

  1. You used more "civilian" colors than I did with my set. Hmmm... maybe I should get another set?

    There's also figures in the Somalia range that could easily be painted as LA gang members or such.

  2. Really, must check, thanks! Funny, how it's hard to get rid off military style of painting ;)