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Bolt Action - Recon by force

We started gaming Normandy themed games using Bolt Action rules in June. After July's holiday season, we went back to Normandy and had a little fight in a crossroads somewhere in hedgerow country. Mainly we are still learning the rules and the game, but most of all we like to field new and freshly painted models we have. As those nice toys are the thing to do gaming.

The story

However, we also want to place games in some real battlefield and pit fitting enemies against each other. Following that idea we picked point defense scenario from the Bolt Action rule book. The story behind the game was British recon forces aggressive attack on strategically important crossroads in small village somewhere in Normandy in summer 1944. The aim of Brits was to take and hold few critical points around crossroads.

The troops

Attacker had three sections of infantry, command squad and new Humber armored car, which was part of the Guards Tank division. Germans had collected ad hoc group of troops from sturmpionieer battalion and fallschimjäger regiment. They also had 30mm flack as a support.

The way it went down

British started by driving Humber along the road and foot sloggers followed beside hedgerow. During initial approach British artillery punished defending Germans quite badly and after strike Germans were    heavily pinned. This actually gave initiative to Tommies who started firing with all they had and all what Germans were actually able to do was try to survive. After four turns of intense fire fight defenders were shot up. Tommies finalized operation by charging on of the objectives contesting it. So fight ended British recon element holding on objective when another was contested. Badly mauled Germans surrendered and fight was over.

Here's some combat shots of the fight.
Tommies approach cautiously the village.
All seem quiet still.
Recce element driving to village.
And spots german staff gar in the crossroads.
30mm Flak is protecting vital point.
Lieutenant arranging defense.
Germans running to occupy the house.
Tommies prepare for fire fight.
In the end medic had lot to do!
Nice game, even though in the mid of  the game we noticed few rules played wrongly. But still as gentleman gamers we agreed few points and went on fighting. British had fine victory, and we had good game!

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  1. Nice game! I got to use my new scout car and although it didn't do much it was nice to move a bit faster in this game when mostly is just 6-12" :)

    1. It's my favorite armored car, was nice to see it in the game! Maybe it was bit risky to drive by those two houses with pionieers in ;) but bold guard don't care