lauantai 16. elokuuta 2014

Bolt Action - Heer reinforcements

Bolt Action games are running in our gaming club after summer break. And I've been slowly building up my Heer power, to be able to field poor bloody infantry along my elite Fallshirmjäges.

Here's little add on to my Heer Sturmpionier platoon. Got just finalized squad of infantry, sniper team and artillety FO. Next week week they will facing their opponent the Brits.

One more squad of Sturmpieniers.
Artillery FO.
Snioer team.
And fearful Flammenwerfer!
These Sturmpioniere will be facing these tea drinkers next week. More of these Brits on Nojis blog.

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  1. Awaiting to see what kind of flamefest the games will devolve into...