keskiviikko 8. huhtikuuta 2015

Bolt Action - French Domination

Once again Bolt Action game in the club and what a nice game it turned out to be. We played a scenario Domination by Hudson MacGaull quite nicely designed and simple game of objectives with varying point values. The scenario Domination can be found from Bolt Action. net. 

In the fight French motorized infantry supported by tank faced my German Strumpioniers in the middle of the little French border village by the narrow river. Germans were some what understrength compared to French, but in war this sometimes happen.  So the action took place between advance guards approaching each other and colliding with no particular plan.

The field (table) was quite heavily covered with terrain, houses, church, woods and some hills. So it gave good cover as we like to
have in our Bolt Action games. It makes interesting and active game with lots of  tactical movement.

The fight started well for the Germans and they seemed to react quicker after spotting French troops. But it did not last and after few poor and fatal tactical moves and straight forward mistakes French took advantage and started to overwhelm the Germans. French effective move and firepower pinned Germans down and caused casualties. At the last moments the Germans decided to sell their lives dearly and started last suicidal assaults and the result was predictable. Most Germans were shot and almost all vital objectives were in the hands of the French. So in the end the fight went clearly to the French troops who left the Tricolor flying proud and high.

Some AAR shots.
Little French village by the river.
French armor advances to vital objective.
French infantry lines up to welcome Germans.
One of the objectives a staff car.
French tank advancing cautiously to crossroads.
French are getting nicely into right places.
German pionier with Sturmpistole closing tank by the church.
Lorraine troop transport bring even more troops.
Bold and fatal move by the German troops.
French respond with fire and more fire.
Germans assaulting house.
And French flanking.
After a fight everything went for the French.
Very nice game and usable scenario indeed. Straight objective game with lot of movement at the start and intense fire fight towards end of the fight. And with all those lovely rare French models done by fellow gamer, this was absolutely great! Bolt Action was once again interesting and relaxed game.

5 kommenttia:

  1. This was a great game! youhad poor luck with the dice, when failing morale tests with only one pin. Im eagerly waiting for your early war germans msterin up, so we can have a bigger rematch

    1. Yes, bad luck and poor tactical decisions lead into trouble and bodily harm. We can do one next time when we have a game. I'll borrow some infantry from club's pool.

    2. And oh, yes it was great game and your models are so great!

  2. Nice game and models. Like the Lorrain transport.