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Bolt Action - Take the Bridge part 2

Our Blitzkrieg rumbles on as we continued our fight over the bridge in France. Last week we started this game and it ended in French victory, and attacking Germans weren't able to push over the bridge to take it. French on the other had were'n able to push Germans back from the other end of the brigde. So we decided to have another fight over the very same bridge. The table lay out was also the same.

Second part of the fight was about German second wave which was following the first. These troops had new orders to cross the bridge and eliminated French defenders to secure the crossing. French still had very same objective to defend the bridge and prevent Germans to have it in order to delay invasion.

Both had two infantry units in vicinity of the objective and French had also Renault tank parked near
by ready to engage invaders. All troops starting on the table were allowed to be relocated and hidden. Germans had brought their panzers up and they were joining the fight along with some more infantry. One German squad of engineers were left to outflank, because they had managed to cross the river further away upstream. Germans had also one preliminary barrage of smoke, which was positioned in strategic point of at the end of the bridge on French side. So this was the initial set up for second wave to have a try.

Fight started with intense French fire which almost annihilated one of the German squads by the river. It started to look like last time where everything went for the French. But then German tank rolled in and more German infantry started to appear and they really were hitting what they were aiming. French Renault tank was hit twice and put out of action and massive fire on one French squad rendered it motionless. German tank was quite boldly rolling over the bridge and infantry followed in the cover of the smokescreen which was stubbornly floating over a same spot during the fight. Things were going like in tactical field manual for Germans. Towards the end of the fight fast attack of German tank followed by infantry firing quite accurately turned the initiative to attacker. Then French lost the only weapon to hurt tank, 75mm howitzer and panzer II was rolling past last French defender fight was over. Germans managed to cross the bridge and remaining defenders surrendered. This time the day went for the Germans. River crossing was secured for invasion force to follow.
Smoke barrage hits the French end of the bridge.
French troops are in fine positions on both sides of the bridge.
Hedgerow gives nice cover but only soft.
Battered Germans are recovering from the last fight.
French Renault tank appearing from the smoke engages the enemy by the river.
Germans push over one more time....
...this time led by the panzer II.
Senegalese warriors move in.
French howitzer unlimbers in firing position.
Renault is hit twice and finally knocked out.
German tank rolls out from smokescreen and surprises Senegalese.
Assault engineers following tank close by ready avenge their fallen comrades.
Adler armored car joins the fray.
Even more French are piling in to prevent Germans crossing.
Panzer II is breaking through French lines.
Hard close range fighting for the bridgehead.
Another squad of assault engineers flanking French positions.
End of the fight, Germans are over and remaining French surrender.
We had no idea to have this as a two part narrative when we started last week. But the first game was just asking to be continued so we did. We just decided some special features which we felt good, like the smoke and outflanking unit. And what a nice and dramatic story it turned where brave French defenders repelled German attack at firts. But determined Germans brought in some tanks and pushed through in real blitzkrieg fashion.

Lady luck was smiling for the French in first fight and definitely for the Germans in the second, or was it tank that did it. Because I wasn't expecting to cross the bridge so fast. Very good and entertaining game where both players had their moments. Really the way to do Bolt Action and at the same time live through nice story. Good point to continue for the next fight...

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