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Bolt Action - 2nd Armored "Hell on Wheels"

Around a month ago I started new Bolt Action project for gaming weekend on May. We are going to have a weekend of Bolt Action gaming with few of my friends. They are fairly new to the game, so I promised to run some scenarios for them and introduce the game to them as needed along gaming. Some BBQ and beers and a good cigars will be included to complete the nice weekend.

For that weekend I decided to launch long hatched plan to build ETO US army. So I went for armored infantry to accompany my mighty Shermans and to played in Tank War scenarios as well in as normal BA games. Now first batch of painting is complete. Two squads of infantry, platoon command, medic, sniper and bazooka team as well as FO/FAO. With them there is three M3 half tracks for them to ride. My plan is to keep all units mobile, so I will need few more half tracks and some other sets of wheels. The plan is not ye complete, but I'm contemplating between Greyhound and White Scout Car.

I'm not sure if there is any division decals available and there's no need since I decided to freehand 2nd armored division triangle badge for these guys. These soldiers wear 1944 standard gear, Parsons jacket, brown wool trousers and canvas webbing. Here are first platoon missing one squad which I will do later.
Lt. and staff sergeants with other HQ units.
FO/FAO and medic.
Sniper team and Bazooka team.
Squad one with autumn themed bases.
Close up of painted division markings.
Squad two in full strength of twelve men.
Rides for the boys M3 half tracks.
Close up of one half track.
Platoon ready for action in Normandy.
I also added some reinforcements for my British troops. Now stalwart commandos boost to the lines of "limeys". I gave these commandos Garand rifles just to add some specialty to these specialists. And it's actually OK since some commando units used american rifles during some operations.

One with famous Fairburn dagger.
Firing with new Garand rifles.
As I have said numerous times before, these are real joy to paint. I have lot of ideas how to go on with these 2nd armored units and as normal quite soon I have way more models than I would actually need for a game, but who cares.

Next units to be added will be 30 cal. MMG team, orderly for the medic, company commander with Jeep, none more Sherman 75 mm and squad of combat engineers. So this will keep me occupied for some time. 

I just remembered one funny thing. It was about a year ago when I went for the Bolt Action game. It started with one batch of German Fallshirmjägers I bought from local games store sale. Since then the speed hasn't slowed at all... stay tuned...

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  1. Thanks! just such a joy to paint these. An I really have burning inspiration to build fully motorized platoon!