keskiviikko 22. huhtikuuta 2015

Bolt Action - Take the Bridge

The Blitzkrieg games we started last week continued with one more fight. In the fight Germans were trying to take hold of a bridge to secure crossing for their advancing troops. On the opposite side French were defending the bridge and their homeland. Scenario was "Take the bridge" from Battleground Europe campaign book.

Initial situation of the fight saw small French troop  guarding the bridge and the village by it. Germans started the assault with Sturmpionier and supporting Heer infantry. French still had their reserves including a tank still to come. Germans started advance but French were quick to react and got their troops in quite nice position on the German left and around the bridge as well as in house near the bridge. Germans were forced to advance and while they were doing so French started pouring fire on them. This caused casualties steadily and it also slowed advance down. At the same time French sent a squad of ferocious Senegalese tirailleurs to attack over the bridge, they were trying to get German end of the bridge too. German firepower prevented that and brave men from Africa were down soon. Towards the end fight stalled into a firefight since French were in good defensive positions that Germans weren't really able to keep attacking any more. So the fight ended in stalemate and draw with opposite sides facing each other across the river. The fight for the bridge would continue next time...

Some AAR shots from the fight.
Starting positions, French on the left.
A peaceful riverside village.
French light howitzer guarding the bridge.
In the early phase of the fight Senegalese troops rush for the bridge.
And Renault tank is covering them.
German assault engineers advance to take a bridgehead.
Other squad is moving into village to cover engineers.
French reached good position on the riverbank...
...and Senegales are rushing over the bridge.
Only to be gunned down by German engineers.
Troops closing the objective on both side.
French officer urges men to engage.
Fight is stalling into a firefight over the river.
French strong defensive line.
This is the furthest Germans ever go on day one.
The other side is strongly in on French hands.
Nice and tight fight. This time I didn't made any fatal tactical mistakes got other side of the bridge, but weren't able to go across. That would have been more or less suicide. So next fight will go on from this situation...

While we were having our early war fight, there was another late war Tank War fight on next table. More of that from my friends blog, Napoleon complex gaming.

Nice again good and relaxed game in friendly atmosphere, what else would want from good miniature game.

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  1. Great looking game and minis. thanks for the photos.

  2. You're welcome! I envy your city table, it's stunning!

    1. The table belongs to my friend Joe Simeone.
      You can email him if you like and he will tell you how he made it. He is making one for another person. This is his email address.

  3. Nice game! I don't often see early war French on the table!

    1. Well John, tere will be more of those French coming.